Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 06 ch. 56 and Azumi vol. 02 ch, 13

Someone tell Takizawa to get off the world?

This is one heck of a fun chapter, from Takizawa's dad and the principal of Fittest highschool still having the longest stand off in history, the amazingly named principal of Continental Academy, and don't forget Takizawa's documentry.

Now for something more darker in tone, here we have Azumi chapter 13, this is a pretty dark chapter and there is some pretty graphic material so read with caution. I won't really say anything, if you've read the previous chapter, you can already guess what happens in this chapter.

On a sidenote, we are always looking for more editors, timers, and someone to help update the site.

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