Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bestia, chapter 4

Well, I bet nobody was expecting this.

After Spiderman, can't say we didn't want to do an Ikegami that's actually fun. So, here's some of Ryoichi Ikegami's best art ever. This series had been started by the groups Plum City and MD-SD, but both are long inactive and there's been no update in, oh, seven years.

It concerns a species of beasts known as the Saishi, who had bred with human women, producing half-human children. One of those children, Gen Tsukinosuke, is a wanderer and warrior, who delivers his aid to those who need it- and a very special sort of aid to specific women as well.

Here are the first chapters done by the previous groups:

Chapter 1

chapter 2

Chapter 3

And finally, chapter 4: Snake, concluding the story that began in three!

Let's give a big thanks to Crazy Ankan for his aid in the cleaning with me, a1oner's amazing typesetting work and Other Side of Sky for translating. In fact, let's give a huge hand to Other Side for making so many great projects possible. And I hear he just might have translated a third of volume 2 of Sukeban Deka, and more Shut Hell. He plans to fully translate Bestia in very short order and then it's a nice focus on Deka and Shut Hell...and our Halloween surprise is in the works for you guys, too.

Remember, we're looking for editors, timers, translators, you name it! Our friend Music would love to get 87 Clockers out.

And in a very nice turn of news...expect a certain series to be totally finished very shortly...


  1. Thanks ! I love you guys!

  2. it seems there is a missing page in chapter 2 (between p66-70)
    and thank you for bringing Bestia back to life

  3. Wow! Bestia: awesome Thanks!

  4. Thank you! I have waited years for this.

  5. Omg! What a nice suprise!! Never would've thought that Bestia was going to be picked up again. Seriously Happyscans,you're one of my top fav groups right now!