Sunday, September 1, 2013

SHut Hell, chapter 24

It's time for another! the last 'old' chapter, so all new translations from here on! More of Yu Itoh's gorgeous artwork, great story and great action ahoy!

Remember that we're looking for help with editing (as are our partners on this venture), as well as raw acquisition! Please consider posting here if you can help!


  1. Chapter XXIV?
    Anyway, thanks. I've been looking forward to more shut hell

  2. ..Were you trying out different fonts in this chapter? Please don't use serif fonts!

    1. In case you've forgotten:

      "This is also one of the only ones we're not doing any editing on. That job is down to our partners..."

      While I can see your concern, it would probably be best to direct that suggestion toward our partners @ Manga at the End of Time.

  3. Thank you! waiting for chapter 25, so now I'll finally read some new stuff!

  4. thanks for the redo of chapter 24 so happy that i will be finally able to read chapter 25 =)