Friday, September 13, 2013

Ryuujin Numa, chapter 1: Dragon Pond

Who loves some Shotaro Ishinomori? You bet we do.

Thanks to Music Otaku, as we wait for the QC of the next Tenku chapter, we can bring you the first of Shotaro Ishinomori's short stories in the book Ryujin Numa: Dragon Pond, concerning myths, legends and the wonderful storytelling that we've come to expect from the Sensei.

This was a rather important book, and helped inspire many writers like Moto Hagio, Keiko Takemiya and others. It's another gem we're glad to bring you.

At the same time, if anyone can help with some typesetting, we'd really appreciate it, particularly to close the gaps on Cat's Eye chapters now, and anything else.

Here's the first story: Dragon Pond!


  1. more shuthell please!

  2. :drooling:
    I'm in paradise. You guys are my Sensei pushers. Please don't stop!!!

  3. I remember reading about this story. It was the one he chose to teach aspiring cartoonists on his Introduction to Manga Guide. It was a rather important work on his career, it's like Ishinomori's New Treasure Island.

    Thanks for bringing this historical artifact for us.

  4. Wait, there's a series for Ryujin Numa? I thought it was only a one-shot!

  5. thanks for that Ishinomori oldie-goldie!

  6. Thanks a lot, I was waiting for this for ages. It was on D/VIsual plans to publish it on Italy, alongside Kikaider.

  7. Oh, the file isn't there anymore. It's been deleted! :(