Monday, September 23, 2013

Ryujin Numa chapter 3: Star of Azure, and Cat's eye 12: The Ghost of the Cat

the Star of Azure

A star of Azure
Marks the end of Winer
A star of Azure
Marks the Beginning of Spring

A story set in Russia, about a starlet in love with a novelist...but when her maestro develops an attachment to her, bad things happen...

This is a great story, based entirely around the poetry, and the art can only be described as very...Moto Hagio or Keiko Takemiya. It's easy to see how it would later influence there

And...Cat's Eye chapter 12: Ghost Of the Cat
The mystery of the girls' father deepens, and we learn a bit about the man behind the conspiracy...

Remember, on the lookout for editors and timers!


  1. At the dawn of the shojo genre in the 1950s, Ishinomori was one of the first artists to collaborate on the Shojo Club, the first shojo manga magazine in Japan. There, he pioneered the visual grammar of shojo, such as expressive design motifs like flowers and stars in the pupils of the female characters. Those techniques are commonly taken for granted today, but that kind of expressionism just didn't exist before. It was a quite a time for him, even some of his hero characters such as Joe/009 or Jiro/Kikaider inherited some traits of those early works, down to their gentle, sensitive nature and delicate facial features.

    1. I bet that the romantic heroes' hairstyle is also an invention by the Sensei ;)

  2. Thanks again, Happy Scans! Who would know that the creator of Kamen Rider was also a important figure for the shoujo manga?

  3. Thanks for the chapters.

  4. Rui is the best girl.

    no oedipus