Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Robot Keiji chapter 8 and Tree in the sunlight chapter 7 and volume 1

Keiji chapter 8

It's a big one, too! Krazy informs me the next will come in a more timely fashion.

And here is the next chapter of the Tree in the Sunlight, along with the complete volume 1, with some corrections made to the originals. Please enjoy the end of the first volume of this epic by the master

Chapter 7

Volume 1


  1. Awesome, thanks for Robot Keiji!

    One questions, this Tree in the sunlight is the basis for that Tezuka's Ancestor Dr. Ryan anime?

    1. You mean this?

      Yes, it is.

  2. Thanks, I was looking forward for more Keiji. How many chapters until the end of the first volume?

    1. I'm not sure how many chapters, but I think I remember hearing it's two volumes long.

      Also thanks as always, guys! I can't wait for more.

  3. Keiji is two big volumes. We're half through V1

  4. Thanks for Robot Keiji

  5. Many thanks for your continuing work on these old time masters.

  6. I know that this is an offtopic question, but please ask someone who knows Japanese...

    What's this series from Miyashita about - http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=88241 . It seems to be a continuation of Sakigake Otokojuku and has a whopping 20 or 34 volumes? One of the picture i saw from it had Date fight that guy from Akira's other manga - Shiritsu Kiwamemichi Koukou, which was really weird. Here it is - http://blog-imgs-53.fc2.com/b/e/a/beatarai/kiwame121025-5.jpg .

    Also what are these about (they're listed as spin-off works from Sakigake)

    Sora Yori Takaku (天より高く?, lit. "Higher than the Sky"

    Ōkouchi Minmei Maru Hyōden (大河内民明丸評伝)

    Kenshoku Dōgen Tokkyū Chūbōshiō Otona (拳食同源 特級厨房師 王大人)

    Shiritsu wa Kiwamemichi Kōkō (私立極道高校)

    Kyoku!! Otokojuku (極!!男塾)

    Please answer

    1. Okay... Well first of all, we over at HnG are the guys you want to come to for all things Miyashita. We translated the Otokojuku anime, and we're doing the Sakigake, Akatsuki, and Edajima Den manga, as well as the other works of Miyashita little by little. So I'd be better equipped to answer your question

      First, in answer to your first question... Goku!! Otokojuku is not a series that exists yet. The information on mangaupdates is faulty, it's showing the information from Sakigake!! Otokojuku instead. Also, "Kyoku!! Otokojuku" doesn't exist either, cause it's a misreading of "Goku!! Otokojuku"

      I'm gonna be a bit out-of-order with my answers now.

      The series "Shiritsu Kiwamemichi Koukou" was Miyashita's debut work, about a high school for yakuza-in-training. We at HnG are in the process of releasing it, translating the name as "Ultimate Path Private High School". Go over and start checking it out, it's pretty awesome.

      After finishing up Akatsuki, the sequel to Sakigake, Miyashita started writing a revival of the series, which was called "Shiritsu Kiwamemichi Koukou 2011", or as we're going to call it "Ultimate Path Private High School 2011". It was partly a sequel, partly a remake, and entirely kickass. And the manga ended with an Otokojuku crossover (that's where the picture of Date fighting the other guy came from).

      After the series concluded in late 2012, Miyashita announced that he would be continuing the story in "Goku!! Otokojuku", which would feature a kind of fusion of the Otokojuku and Ultimate Path schools into a "new Otokojuku", and it was going to be the third and final part of the Otokojuku series. It was supposed to start in January of this year, but then Miyashita pushed it back to some unspecified date in Spring, and I don't think there's been any word of it since. Hopefully we'll see it soon, but don't hold your breath.

      As for the others... Well I think I answered all of the spin-offs besides three now. So here they are:

      Sora Yori Takaku is Miyashita's second-longest series, beating out Akatsuki by two volumes. It followed Sora, the child of a demon lord who sent his two sons on a quest to bring him a pure Yamato maiden, with his inheritance on the line. Otokojuku and its characters (particularly Edajima) show up now and then but mostly it's just assorted randomness and Miyashita going "I can do whatever the hell I want". Also he wrote it for Playboy, so there was a lot of raunchy humor.

      The other two are one-shots. Okouchi Minmeimaru Hyoden is a biography of Okouchi Minmeimaru (in fact that's literally what the title translates to). If you've been reading Edajima Den, you'll know him as the founder of the Minmei Publishing Company. This one-shot is included in a random volume of Akatsuki!! Otokojuku, near the end.

      And for the other one, I want to kick whoever romanized it. It's "Kenshoku Dogen Tokkyu Chuboshi Wang Ta-ren", and as that makes it more clear, it's a one-shot focusing on Wang Ta-ren. It's included at the end of Edajima Den. Both of these one-shots I've translated, and they're just waiting to be proofread and edited, which will be done at their respective points in the manga.

      Anyway, I'd love to continue this discussion at HnG, it would probably be better to do it there since our love of Miyashita is almost as great as our love of Hara. Plus I've read nearly everything Miyashita's written, and I'd love to see more Miyashita fans hanging out at our site.

  7. Thank you for taking your time and answering :P

    So the latest Shiritsu ended is only 3 volumes long and now there's a new series that will fuse Otokojuku and Ultimate Path, that's very cool :P