Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Green Blood, chapters 29-31

The western epic continues! When we last left them, Luke is about to face off with Fast Draw's the first time Luke has ever come into this situation, and no matter what happens, he's taking an enormous step by handling Hawk himself.
...Though if you thought Hawk was in this alone? You might have another thing coming. There might be someone behind him. Someone the boys have been hunting for...

And then it's a trip to an old fashioned cattle-rustling, where Masasumi decides to explore racial issues in post-Civil War America (which is done refreshingly honestly), and Luke has a friend who's involved in things he may be better off avoiding...

Enjoy the triple helping, all. Translation credit to Music Otaku, who's gonna bring you more Nagai after this series and editing credits to wright and thefolenangel

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31


  1. Arigato! For the life of me, I can't figure out the title. Is it because they're Irish?

  2. I would love to read your chapters... were it not that thefolenangel apparently couldn't resist blurring the scans. A lot of details were lost and it doesn't look good - going to wait for mangastreams version (they seem to have picked it up again). Still thanks for the translation though, looking forward to Nagai!

  3. Suuuper awesome, thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :D

  4. Well try doing them yourself, without the private RP that mangastream has you ungrateful fucks!

    1. Ease up, man. No need to get riled up over such an obvious cheap comment from a (fan of a) rival group, no less. I'm sure your work are very much appreciated by most of the series followers (over at batoto for instance), so just keep at it and ignore em unconstructive criticisms. Retaliating the way you did simply creates actual doubt on the quality of your work (to which I'm sure you're confident in and proud of), instead of proving the naysayer(s) otherwise.

      And as the saying goes around here-- "Don't worry, be happy." (Actually, I still think that shit needs to go and be replaced w/ a better one. After all, who the fuck can possibly not worry, let alone be happy, when the title they're following hasn't seen much update for the longest of time!) XD

    2. I understand these are below our usual standards and what we'd like to do by the series, but we're hamstrung by the raws we have available. There is a reason I was looking for a raw scanner recently.

      In the end, I hope people can enjoy the continuation of the story here