Monday, September 30, 2013

Green Blood 36-38

A nice way to kick off October Edward King and his boys have rolled off into Abilene and nobody is safe, before we head to the frontier of Montana where the Sioux are locked in battle with the US army...and Edward King and the Crimson Gang has plans to shake it all up....and Brad and Luke will find themselves in the middle.

Enjoy, guys. and I promise we'll be glad to do these again if we can grab HQ raws. Thanks for bearing with us through the difficulty of these scans.

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

Chapter 38


  1. Thanks for scanlating this! Rockin.

  2. Thanks for all the chapters!
    I gotta hand it to you guys for using semi-proper wording. Now only if you could use 1800's slang and diction... Still, I must say you guys are doing a wonderful job (aside from one page that had two words without a space, don't remember where but is was one word I can't remember and "glorious" but that's nothing really).

    1. Though, certain words like "heah" could be spelled "he'uh" or "he'ah." The way you guys spelled it, if you follow the rules of English, would sound like "heeh." An apostrophe can fix that :p

    2. Actually, I didn't even catch that. I'm attempting to do my best in insuring it at least sounds authentic, but I can't say I'm any Mark Twain in regards to an ear for the proper slang and diction. Thank you very much for your words there, though.

      I also confess Edward gained a mild Irish accent between chapters before we thought of the idea.

    3. Haha, I understand. I'm a bit of an aficionado about the west, but I understand my suggestions are hard to do. Still, you guys are doing great work and I appreciate the dedication to churn out so many chapters so fast.
      About the character Ned. In chapter 31, he says in name in Ned White, but in chapter 35 it says Ned Huddleston. Which is it?

    4. Well, call me an asshole and color me brown and pink. You do use quite a few ol' fashioned terms. I guess I should save my criticisms for after I've finished the chapters... My apologies. Now that I think about it, this was all translated from a very different language and trying to find the correct 1800's terms while not straying too far from what the kanji said is a bit much to put on a team. You'd probably need another team member just to do that, with all the research that'd need to be done. Again, thanks for the dedication and great work! You guys are doing a mighty fine job with what you have to work with and being amateurs and all. No offense intended, it's just that most scanlation team members aren't comprised of people with a lot of experience in their areas like professional writers (newspapers, books, etc.), not that your guys couldn't get jobs like that. :)

    5. I do really appreciate those words and I freely confess to being an amateur on the subject. I will happily cop to a love of history and 19th century American literature, but my ear for the dialects and terms is admittedly less than perfect.

      Believe me, I take no offense, and I value criticism on this subject. Would you be willing to help out on this subject? We'd love this to sound the best and most authentic it could.

    6. I should also note that Ned's name is given as Ned White when he first appears, but it's Huddleston in later chapters. We doublechecked the manga and the translation and it's definitely different. I admittedly left it unchanged due to uncertainty, but it wouldn't shock me if it was an inconsistency corrected in the Tank

  3. A'cushla, lads! Sure'n you've scanned mare Green Blood, have ye? >plays Dead Rabbits song from Gangs of NY<