Monday, September 30, 2013

Green Blood 32-35 and Robot Keiji chapter 9

And it's another batch of Green Blood to finish off this arc. Ned Huddleston (I should note that in chapter 31, he's called Ned White but apparently it's changed to Huddleston...guess even mangaka make mistakes sometimes) has helped steal a huge amount of cattle with his fellow black workers, who have some legit gripes about how they've been treated. Unfortunately, the Crimson Gang have infiltrated the efforts and Brad's in for a hell of a fight with one of their members....Luke is bound and determined to bring back Ned to the ranch, and Ned might be the only one who can save Brad from Swallow's rope.

As a sidenote...guys, I'm not touting this series as high quality right now. This is done for love of the series and the mangaka and if you want to wait for another release, I'm not stopping you. We're doing our best on it with the very low quality public raws we have, and we have a great translator who's been doing a fabulous job on this. If you can enjoy the story for that,  appreciate it. If you can't, then I was asking for help to get a raw scanner for a good reason. I'm always appreciative of what our fans have to say, but I'd prefer it not be to attack out work on an issue I have no control over. Translation, btw, by Music Otaku, and editing by Wright and Thefolenangel

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

We also have for you more Robot Keiji, courtesy of our pal Krazy translating for us and Kazu's amazing typesetting!

Keiji is learning more of emotion...and getting closer to the culprit! Stay tuned for more adventures of the robot detective.

Here's chapter 9 of Robot k


  1. Thanks for Robot Keiji! This is one of my favorite Ishinomori heroes. Yu're ding a great work ;)

  2. Green Blood, ftw! To all whiny ingrates: Move along, nothing to see here..

  3. That's where you're wrong. You have control over how to clean it. You can totally choose not to denoise and blur it - it'll look better this way. If the raw looks better than the clean, whats the point of cleaning it?

    Like last time I will still thank you for the excellent translation.

    1. Honestly? If you have an issue, then I'd ask you to help us get the HQ raws. If yout hink these cleans look worse than the raws, I have no idea of your perspective.

    2. I would have done so if I could. Yes, the raws look better than your cleans - Personally I don't care that much if the blacks aren't completely uniform black, the page is filled with dust or there's massive bleedthrough anywhere. If the alternative is denoising, rather keep it that way. It blurs the artwork, gets rid of fine details (mostly on screen-tones) makes ruins textures... need I go on? I was mostly disappointed because you guys usually don't bother with such tools on other zine cleans (yes these raws are worse, I know). (and this goes for all groups that abuse filters)
      Know that I have no intention to annoy you or complain - Just wanted to mention that there's another way. That said I'll stop bothering everyone and shut my trap; Best regards.

    3. I don't want to make it sound like I'm snappish, so I apologize. I disagree with the raws being better than the cleans, but I understand this isn't up to how much I'd like it. Usually, we don't other with these tools, but I never, ever deal with raws as bad as these and I tried for a very good while to find better ones. If you want to wait for Mangastream, that's completely okay, but they have access to HQ raws I don't.

      After 38, maybe we'll try a different way then. In any case, I hope you enjoy our TL

    4. So im not the only one that thinks that some times is just better to leave the dust be if removing it hinders the artwork, losing detail? am i seeing light in the world again?!!!

  4. Wow, another Robot Keiji so early? Awesome

  5. Thanks for the new Robot Keiji, I hope the first volume will be out soon!

    Just a note: I believe his name is just K. Keiji means detective, so it would be redundant to have a robot called Robot Detective Detective.

  6. Finally got to read this chapter such a good chapter and that discourse on work ethics just hit a personal spot there, such a great speech!