Monday, September 16, 2013

Cat's Eye Chapter 11 and Azumi volume 1

And here is a new chapter of Cat's Eye, introduced with this utterly amazing Credit's Page. this manga needs more Rui. Frankly, it could be entirely about Rui. Anyways, this's another fun-filled chapter, and we're seeking someone to help with Typesetting for it! Everyone please show your appreciation for this title to encourage more work on it!

Cat's Eye Chapter 11

And here we have the end of Azumi volume 1! One down, forty odd to go, but you can bet we ain't quitting. Hope you like it!

Here's chapter 8

And volume 1 complete

Anyone want to help with typesetting, cleaning, translating or anime timing is encouraged to drop a line!


  1. Thanks for the chapters.

  2. Damn, I'm really loving this series-- Azumi! Really wish I could say the same for Cat's Eye... Toshio's a freaking dumbass and it's just getting harder and harder to bear! Seriously, he very well deserves to lose his job, but alas-- the heroines just won't let that happen as he's way more valuable as an asset/informant than he is an adversary.

    Anyways, love the credit page as well, (though I may be a bit biased as I'm the one who made it) lol. XD