Saturday, September 14, 2013

Alright, it's back! Kamen Rider volume 4, and with it, we are now 2/3s done with this series. Music is at work on the new series he's going to be doing for us and maybe a nice surprise extra....I'm also told if all goes well with dynamic Pro, there'll be something good out this coming week.

Definitely want to see more Cat's Eye soon so if there are any proofreaders,  or typesetters who can help with this series, we'd love to have you aboard now.  Also, our sub department is requesting help with timers, so if anyone wants to help or would be eager to learn, please consider hopping on board there.

In the meantime, enjoy the return of Kamen Rider Black with volume 4


  1. Thank you, I was looking forward for more Black!

  2. Thanks! this is like finding a well full of fresh water in the desert! :D

  3. Thanks, you guys are awesome!

  4. Great volume. Keep em coming!

  5. great! thanks guys. i really love this old school manga. one of my favs

  6. Nicely done!

    BTW, which print version are you using? I'm assuming that this is from the 1988 version.

    PS - You guys looking for more SI Kamen Rider stuff? I got some rare ones with me. I don't mind sharing 'em out.

    1. Judging from the covers, it's probably a chinese reprint or something like that. I have the original print from 1987~1988 and the covers are not like those at all. Some names are also pronounced differently.

  7. Ahh...

    Appreciate the answer. Nice that the Chinese version kept the Japanese SFX in it.

    I'm going to e-mail the HS group in a few...