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Green Blood 36-38

A nice way to kick off October Edward King and his boys have rolled off into Abilene and nobody is safe, before we head to the frontier of Montana where the Sioux are locked in battle with the US army...and Edward King and the Crimson Gang has plans to shake it all up....and Brad and Luke will find themselves in the middle.

Enjoy, guys. and I promise we'll be glad to do these again if we can grab HQ raws. Thanks for bearing with us through the difficulty of these scans.

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

Chapter 38

Green Blood 32-35 and Robot Keiji chapter 9

And it's another batch of Green Blood to finish off this arc. Ned Huddleston (I should note that in chapter 31, he's called Ned White but apparently it's changed to Huddleston...guess even mangaka make mistakes sometimes) has helped steal a huge amount of cattle with his fellow black workers, who have some legit gripes about how they've been treated. Unfortunately, the Crimson Gang have infiltrated the efforts and Brad's in for a hell of a fight with one of their members....Luke is bound and determined to bring back Ned to the ranch, and Ned might be the only one who can save Brad from Swallow's rope.

As a sidenote...guys, I'm not touting this series as high quality right now. This is done for love of the series and the mangaka and if you want to wait for another release, I'm not stopping you. We're doing our best on it with the very low quality public raws we have, and we have a great translator who's been doing a fabulous job on this. If you can enjoy the story for that,  appreciate it. If you can't, then I was asking for help to get a raw scanner for a good reason. I'm always appreciative of what our fans have to say, but I'd prefer it not be to attack out work on an issue I have no control over. Translation, btw, by Music Otaku, and editing by Wright and Thefolenangel

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

We also have for you more Robot Keiji, courtesy of our pal Krazy translating for us and Kazu's amazing typesetting!

Keiji is learning more of emotion...and getting closer to the culprit! Stay tuned for more adventures of the robot detective.

Here's chapter 9 of Robot k

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Azumi volume 2, chapter 9

A new volume begins! The kids have some fun...that transitions into deadly work.

Chapter 9

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Way of Ryu chapter 20 part b, Tenku no Inu chapter 5 and Shut Hell chapter 27

We learn more of the mysterious Condor who is an incredibly awesome ally. New villains, more  on Maria and more great Shotaro writing! Here it is: Way Of Ryu chapter 20B

the inside of your mouth would taste like blood also if you'd just bitten a man's throat out! This time, it's to the Jin Encampment with out friends at Manga At The End Of Time with Shut Hell chapter 27: Promise

And finally, a mysterious murder leads to Heaven, Inc on the case, and we get a glimpse of a member of the Vipers Of Heaven, the beautiful and deadly Machi Abisu. we also learn all about the rokurokubi and Shinpei is about to learn just what being a member of this team can entail...

Tenku no Inu chapter 5: Rokurokubi

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Green Blood, chapters 29-31

The western epic continues! When we last left them, Luke is about to face off with Fast Draw's the first time Luke has ever come into this situation, and no matter what happens, he's taking an enormous step by handling Hawk himself.
...Though if you thought Hawk was in this alone? You might have another thing coming. There might be someone behind him. Someone the boys have been hunting for...

And then it's a trip to an old fashioned cattle-rustling, where Masasumi decides to explore racial issues in post-Civil War America (which is done refreshingly honestly), and Luke has a friend who's involved in things he may be better off avoiding...

Enjoy the triple helping, all. Translation credit to Music Otaku, who's gonna bring you more Nagai after this series and editing credits to wright and thefolenangel

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ryujin Numa chapter 3: Star of Azure, and Cat's eye 12: The Ghost of the Cat

the Star of Azure

A star of Azure
Marks the end of Winer
A star of Azure
Marks the Beginning of Spring

A story set in Russia, about a starlet in love with a novelist...but when her maestro develops an attachment to her, bad things happen...

This is a great story, based entirely around the poetry, and the art can only be described as very...Moto Hagio or Keiko Takemiya. It's easy to see how it would later influence there

And...Cat's Eye chapter 12: Ghost Of the Cat
The mystery of the girls' father deepens, and we learn a bit about the man behind the conspiracy...

Remember, on the lookout for editors and timers!

Kitaro's Night Tales chapter 26

And here it is! a new chapter where Kitaro confronts the water God.

PS, to our you guys want us to continue Green Blood, with recent events and Mangastream?

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Green Blood chapter 28

We can thank Music Otaku for this gem. As it appeared to be dropped, and given what a huge fan I am of it, we decided to bring more Green Blood to fans who love the story, even if we're limited to the magazine raws, but if anyone wants to help with the volume raws, we are more than happy to work alongside anyone for such a great manga.

Green Blood is set in 1800s America, starting in Five Points New York, and moving out to the western frontier with all the usual tropes: vengeance, gangs, corrupt land owners, gunslingers, assassins...the works. It's written and drawn by Kakizaki Masasumi who is an artist on par with Inoue, Samura, Itoh and Ikegamin in my eyes, and who blends the tropes together into a compelling story of brotherhood, honor, revenge and keeping one's humanity in the darkest of hours.

When we last left them, our heroes Brad and Luke Burns have been hunting their father, the evil Edward King. their search's led them out west, where they've been staying with Anne Macey and her daughter jenny. The boys were able to bond with Anne, but Charles Howard, who wants Anne's land hired 'Fast-Draw Hawk', a notorious killer, to eliminate Anne.

The story now picks up in the aftermath...and if we know Westerns, we know there's a showdown coming.

Thanks to Music, and to Mangastream and Easy Going Scans for introducing us all to this manga. I hope its fans enjoy it. And please remember we're on the lookout for those who can help with web design, cleaners, typesetters and timers.

Green Blood Chapter 28

Friday, September 20, 2013

Tree In The Sunlight Chapter 8, and Ryujin Numa Chapter 2: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Here's a new chapter of the history epic by Tezuka! Chapter 8

And Ryujin Numa's second story. A tale of a father who returns home, with his children in care of a kind tutor, but someone wants them dead...a touching story, especially the end. Throughout it, the song 'The Night Has a Thousand eyes' is also quite prevalent. This is Ishinomori at his absolute best.

Here's the second story

Something very special coming from Music very shortly, alongside our new Nagai series from him as well. For now, we'd appreciate cleaners, typesetters and timers, too.

Be-bop High School vol. 02 ch. 13

Protect and serve for the right price!
You know this whole chapter reminds me of an old wrestling tag team from the old WWF days, you know the one cause thats right! The Acolytes Protection Agency! As to why, I kind of see the similaritys in them because both duos are badasses, they curse a ton and they just kick the shit out of anyone. Why don't we all go around sharing our favorite tag teams, mine would either be between the attuitude era Hardy Boyz, The Heart Foundation and Los Gurreros. Special mentions are DX, The Rock 'n' Sock Connection and Edge and Christan the additue era ones. Share yours in the comments below. 

Also always looking out for more editors and timers!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vagabond chapter 318

Oh, look what's back. Another exciting chapter of the harvest saga!

Blazing Nobunaga chapter 1

NINJAMAN!!! and no not the one from kakurangers.

Aw! yeah here we go! yet another amazing Shimamoto project, or should I say blazing? One of these days I feel someone needs to ask whats Shimamotos obession with the work blazing. Still this is a great little one off that spoofs the life of Nobunaga pretty darn cleverly. Also note this, we found out this was actually a sequel to another Shimamoto manga called Ninjaman, we had already started on Nobunaga long before then. So if your dead set on reading Ninjaman first we'll do it eventually, but first we bring you Blazing Nobunaga. 

Also looking out for more cleaners typesetters and timers.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 06 ch. 53

Ibukis words of wisdom.

After some big releases, time for some good old BTS. In this chapter Ibuki gives takizawa advice about shelfs, and the battle between the principal and Wazakita begins or does it? I don't have much else to say but  always looking for more Cleaners, Typesetters, and Timers.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

shut Hell chapter 26: Attack

here's a new chapter, featuring some pillaging. Not much really happens here, but Shut Hell bites a man's throat out. Which is always welcome and awesome.

Remember we're checking in for translators, cleaners and especially typesetters!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Shutendoji volume 2

Who wants some more Nagai? We know you do. 2 down and 7 to go in this saga. Jiro Shutendo is dealing with even more, and now the Life-Bound and their master are targeting him and those close to him Shutendoji is about to see more about what's behind the curtain...

As a side note, Music is translating another little Nagai gem, we're sure you'll love. ...keeping that one under wrap for now but you'll see

As stated below, we could use a new typesetter to help out, and any cleaners/translators as ever.

a1oner adds:

Alright, keep 'em love/appreciation for Nagai coming!! I worked too damn hard for this thing/release that I even got sick (literally) in the whole process of doing it justice. So if it's not too much to ask-- I'd love to see the lot of you Nagai fans (who follows/reads this series) to share even if just a bit of your thoughts/reactions.

Okay, I'll start...


Cat's Eye Chapter 11 and Azumi volume 1

And here is a new chapter of Cat's Eye, introduced with this utterly amazing Credit's Page. this manga needs more Rui. Frankly, it could be entirely about Rui. Anyways, this's another fun-filled chapter, and we're seeking someone to help with Typesetting for it! Everyone please show your appreciation for this title to encourage more work on it!

Cat's Eye Chapter 11

And here we have the end of Azumi volume 1! One down, forty odd to go, but you can bet we ain't quitting. Hope you like it!

Here's chapter 8

And volume 1 complete

Anyone want to help with typesetting, cleaning, translating or anime timing is encouraged to drop a line!

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Tenku no Inu Chapter 4: Sands of Destruction

After the sudden ending to the last chapter, the Sand Witch saga concludes here. Enjoy the tale of war, atrocity an the longing for death coming to its conclusion. A dark spirit demands vengeance and Heaven, Inc areall that may save the day...except there's one being who wants a say in this...the first of the counterparts to the Hounds of Heaven: The Devil-Wolf!

And looking for a new typesetter, especially for Cat's Eye, and some anime timers!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Alright, it's back! Kamen Rider volume 4, and with it, we are now 2/3s done with this series. Music is at work on the new series he's going to be doing for us and maybe a nice surprise extra....I'm also told if all goes well with dynamic Pro, there'll be something good out this coming week.

Definitely want to see more Cat's Eye soon so if there are any proofreaders,  or typesetters who can help with this series, we'd love to have you aboard now.  Also, our sub department is requesting help with timers, so if anyone wants to help or would be eager to learn, please consider hopping on board there.

In the meantime, enjoy the return of Kamen Rider Black with volume 4

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ryuujin Numa, chapter 1: Dragon Pond

Who loves some Shotaro Ishinomori? You bet we do.

Thanks to Music Otaku, as we wait for the QC of the next Tenku chapter, we can bring you the first of Shotaro Ishinomori's short stories in the book Ryujin Numa: Dragon Pond, concerning myths, legends and the wonderful storytelling that we've come to expect from the Sensei.

This was a rather important book, and helped inspire many writers like Moto Hagio, Keiko Takemiya and others. It's another gem we're glad to bring you.

At the same time, if anyone can help with some typesetting, we'd really appreciate it, particularly to close the gaps on Cat's Eye chapters now, and anything else.

Here's the first story: Dragon Pond!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Robot Keiji chapter 8 and Tree in the sunlight chapter 7 and volume 1

Keiji chapter 8

It's a big one, too! Krazy informs me the next will come in a more timely fashion.

And here is the next chapter of the Tree in the Sunlight, along with the complete volume 1, with some corrections made to the originals. Please enjoy the end of the first volume of this epic by the master

Chapter 7

Volume 1

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tenku no Inu Chapter 3, Sukeban Deka chapter 2, part 2 and Queen Emeraldas Volume 2: 650th release spectacular

First off, here's Tenku chapter 3! focusing on 'The Sand Witch.' A shell shocked veteran of the Gulf War, haunted by a terrible crime, is stalked by a being that rains sand down to bury those he comes will Heaven, Inc handle this one? Part 1 of a 2 parter here.


It's back at last! By the great Leiji Matsumoto, it's the second volume of Queen Emeraldus volume 2, continuing the badass heroine's voyages through space.
And Kazuhiko's greatest credits page ever, which I've included here, so I hope everyone likes. I hope everyone looking forward to Leiji enjoys this one. I know this one was long in the coming, but I think it's worth the wait.

And finally...
SAKI has come at last to bring order and battle the mighty Mizuchis' Machiavellian machinations.

It's time for another part of Sukeban Deka! Chapter 2, part 2

You'll see the control the Mizuchis have over snakes, which is a....hilarious explanation really, and Saki proves there's nothing you can't do with a yo-yo!

We here at the HappyScans family are proud to present all of these (And our extended family at hokuto no Gun for Queen Emeraldas)  Please remember we're looking for editors, translators and raw scanners to join said family!

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Azumi chapter 7

Man, I can't wait till these guys learn who their enemies are...

enjoy, all, and remember, we're looking for people, particularly help with scanning raws

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kekko Kamen chapter 14

And here's another fun-filled chapter. A new hero enters the mix...the Ribbon Patriot! But does she have what it takes to fight on the same level as Kekko Kamen herself?

Find out in Kekko Kamen Chapter 14!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sabu and Ichi 46, and SHut Hell chapter 25

First up, here's some new Sabu for you! chapter 46: The Rumbling of the Sea

When a girl is violated by a group of samurai who believe they can do whatever they wish...a man takes justice into his own hand, leading to a confrontation with Ichi by the waves.
And now...a brand new chapter of Shut Hell!

Harabal is about to embrace his true name in a battle as only Yu Itoh can draw it!

An all new era for Shut Hell begins! Chapter 25!

Samurai of the Meiji Restoration chapter 4

ueda's adventues in being a dick continue! "Screw you for working responsibly, I'm going to go invest in rabbits!"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tenku No Inu chapter 2 and volume 1 complete

And we're back for more Nagai Seinen goodness! In this chapter, Kamaitachi Shinpei is starting his work at Heaven, Inc and faces his first assignment, rumored to be a scythe wielding creature that lurks within the wink itself. He also finds himself paired with the lovely Ran Kurama, the 'Vanishing Beauty.'

We also did extra work on the past chapters to fix a few things up. The corrections have been incorporated into the main volume, thanks for those who let us know!

The complete v1, with the corrections!

And we're looking for more editors and a raw scanner as well!

Be-bop High School vol. 02 ch. 12

Problems get solved

Hope you all had a great labor day weekend, I know I did. After the long weekend we bring you a brand new Be-bop High School. After reading this chapter I swear if Be-bop High School was a dating sim game, it be the only dating sim game where none of the routes end with a happy ending for Hiroshi and Toru. At least todays chapter has one of them gets a girl kind of.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

SHut Hell, chapter 24

It's time for another! the last 'old' chapter, so all new translations from here on! More of Yu Itoh's gorgeous artwork, great story and great action ahoy!

Remember that we're looking for help with editing (as are our partners on this venture), as well as raw acquisition! Please consider posting here if you can help!

Azumi chapter 6

Great way to kick off the new month, we are nearly done with volume 1 of Azumi!

Enjoy, people, and we're looking for more staff, with us badly in need of editors!

Also, anyone who might be able to acquire and scan raws for us (with all the books paid for, of course)