Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Way Of Ryu, chapter 19 part 1

Technically it's part 1 AND 2, but who's counting?

After the Robot city, it's time for the plot to get a-rolling again, and a new main is going to be introduced...

Here's your new Way Of Ryu!

Also, we are now recruiting EDITORS! We would really, really be in need of a typesetter or two to help with some Mizuki and Tezuka works! And any cleaners to give a hand as well!


  1. Another main? hope is not so talkative like God

  2. Oh, thanks for more Way of Ryu!
    It's almost halfway through, isn't it?

  3. You know it's a great day when there's a new Way of Ryu out!

  4. Thanks for all of your work, I’m looking forward to starting this one day once it’s completed.

  5. Any chance for one of those Mizuki's works be Akuma-kun?