Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tree In the Sunlight, chapter 5

Just wanna say, I really, really recommend this. It's easily one of Tezuka's best works I've ever done and a real work of art. Hope more people give this one a shot, as it's the best series we do that nobody seems to read!

Expect some Azumi and Sukeban Deka soon, and we'd love new aid with translating and editing. Azumi could really use a new editor for help!


  1. I haven't read it yet but I certainly plan to. Just waiting till you guys finish a volume...

    But yeah, where's my favorite Delinquent Undercover Cop gone to!? And btw, if you're planning on mentioning/thanking me again-- don't! Each time you do, you're only making me feel like an outsider. Seriously, am I still not part of the family? :c

    I suppose I'll just insert some sort of a 'credit footnote/header' from now on, if that would stop you from further alienating me. :\

    Anyways, for you guys w/ sick fetishes like me (sadists to be exact)-- another Kekko Kamen release shouldn't be far off, as well. GO Nagai, GO!! XD

    1. hahaha man now i feel bad for making propaganda to all the cleaners and typesetters that didn't make it on the mass call of FKMTkrazy, to come here and offer themselves XD.

      on the other hand they are asking for editors...