Friday, August 9, 2013

Tenku No Inu prologue

And with a huge thanks to Music Otaku's stellar translation skills, we can bring you a new Nagai here! Cleaned by and edited by yours truly, it's Tenku No Inu, or 'The Hounds Of Heaven'. In this story, Nagai gets his folklore on with every chapter containing a lot on Buddhist lore or Japanese folklore.. The prologue introduces us to Heaven, Incorporated...a company with a particular staff that hunts down all sorts of supernatural monsters and protects humanity from them.

In this chapter, we meet Chikara Amatsu, the president of Heaven, Inc, and her de facto second in command Aoi Katsuragi. Both have a high knowledge of the supernatural and occult and in atypical Nagai fashion, aren't victimized by what they encounter. The two are called to investigate a bad case of 'Carbuncle Face' and learn there's more to it...

So enjoy Tenku's prologue!

Let me also add: we're looking for translators for some Nagai or other words, editors all around and some aid with web design for a new blog/site! Please consider aiding us!

Kazu Edit: The Prologue released above wasn't the finished version, so I fixed the link so go redownload it again.


  1. More Nagai is the best thing a manly man can wish for ;)

    Thank you!

    1. more like... a 'sadistic' man can wish for! XD

      As for our possible new blog-- we could definitely use a new motto/catch phrase other than "be happy" and I suggest 'Bringing back the cool in old school!'

      Let's hear some other suggestions from you guys.

      Btw, I was wondering-- is Aoi the one w/ a ponytail in the cover? If she's the one on the background (which is most likely the case), then who the heck is that guy (assuming he's a he)?

  2. Wow! You really surprise me every time I see your new releases. I didn't expect to see this seinen manga translated. Now I have hope that Sharaku will get translated some time in the future. Thank you very much for translating Tenku No Inu.

  3. Regarding " a new motto/catch phrase other than "be happy" and I suggest 'Bringing back the cool in old school!' " - How about: ' Bringing back the manhood into the Old School ' or ' Resurrecting the Old in Old School " or something like that..