Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sukeban Deka chapter 1, part 3 and chapter complete

Alright, finally it's here. The fist full case of Sukeban Deka. The team at Happy Scans is bringing this one to you guys, so enjoy!

Saki finishes the case she's on...will she get to see her mom again?

Part 3

And the full chapter 1!


  1. Thanks, guys.

    On a unrelated note, what happened to Kamen Rider Black? It has been quite a time without any news.

    1. Waiting for V4 to be proofed

    2. It probably would be best for you to bug SystematicChaos @hokutonogun about it, as I believe he's the one responsible for handling the proofing for that series... needless to say I'd rather not do it myself. XD

      Just be careful w/ how you bug him or 'word your request' as it could very well backfire.

    3. Actually, HNG isn't involved with Kamen Rider Black at all. That's Midnight Crew

    4. Oh, sorry for the mix up.

      Here, as a token of apology, this is where you can find/bug them! XD

      Joking aside, feel free to read the post they made... then proceed to 'reminding' them about qcing/proofing it(Black).

  2. this must be the 2nd or 3rd shojo manga that i actually enjoy, good work guys.

    also i have the suspicion the guy with long hair is saki's mother posing as a man...