Friday, August 30, 2013

Masked Boxer chapter 5 & Complete Series


Well guys its over, and what an ending it is. Heres Chapter 5 and the complete vol 1 I really don't want to say much about the final chapter I feel its better read then explained. I got to say for a short one vol series this series accomplishes way more then most long running mangas take vols to do. I mean Shimamoto introduces a whole new character into the final chapter and he just fits right in. Its also the first Shimamoto I have ever finished so that makes me pretty happy! Man I know I suck making posts I am a better speaker then I am a blogger. Since I suck at saying final thoughts why don't you guys give it a go in the comments below and say why your liked or hated Masked Boxer.


  1. If you're fine with a recycled comment (one which can also be found @HnG's site), then...

    "It was nice knowing you Sanshiro aka Masked Boxer… may you rest in peace; if not live the rest of your life(span) fighting losing battles, literally. Perhaps you can find some solace in the fact that you have a wife whom you can count on to push your wheelchair as you go shopping for medical supplies (to patch you up w/) together!


    ^In short, it's an ending Sanshiro very well deserved.

    It may have been a short-lived series, but I totally enjoyed every bit of it! Seriously, it's beyond me how this got cancelled after having published only 3 chapters!? Thankfully, Shimamoto was able/given the opportunity to close it off in style. Heck, even the omake (The Making of...) was quite an entertaining read. And so we thank thee, mr.sea and mr/ms.orca, for providing him the push that he needed to do so. XD

  2. I will be back to comment on the series, right after I finish it.

  3. is... is... WTF? A good ending, but so weird.

    1. please do elaborate on that thought/comment of yours... humor us, please. You need not worry about drawing my ire or anything as I don't intend to argue; I'm really just curious as to what exactly did you find 'so weird' bout it, is all.

  4. I never read anything by Kazuhiko Shimamoto other than his Kamen Rider ZO adaptation and the The Skull Man sequel manga. I liked them ok, but I think they're not his best. Maybe I should try this one?