Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cat's Eye Chapter 10's_Eye_Chapter_10.rar

It's Hitomi's birthday! Let's see how this goes...who doesn't love Hitomi, after all?


  1. thank you very much

    1. Thanks for translating this great manga.
      Rui is the best sister IMO.

    2. Indeed! I even went to great lengths to ensure that her dialogue/speech would sound/be as best as it could possibly be. Not that I didn't go as far to do the same for the rest, but hey thanks to you guys--your comments that we--I can 'passionately' keep at it. Really appreciate your coming out to say something. Any feedback on the new set of fonts I plan on using from now on would/might be helpful as well.

      Red, who's helped on tsing a couple of previous chapters, has decided to focus solely on cleaning hence you'll be stuck w/ me once more on the tsing side of things (to go along w/ the proofing), and for the better, ofc.

      That said, Ai comes in close second, while Hitomi comes in dead last. So to answer Wright's question--who doesn't-- ME!! I really don't... seriously.