Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 06 ch. 51


Another day another amazing release, BTS 51! In todays exciting aventure we contiune the battle between Takizawa and Wazkita or should I say Father Takizawa? Anyone else think Takizawa has figured it out yet or does he continue to be the thickhead we all know and love. Come back tommorow for another release of something Shimamoto. But still I think someone needs to put together a pic of takizawa getting hit with a salamon I don't know what I just feel the fish slap will be the only thing to get him set stright. 

Also Special Thanks to Frobman for drawing the awesome credits page for BTS that we'll be using from now on! So be sure to check out his stuff  here, Aswell as here and don't forget here .

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