Friday, August 30, 2013

The tree In The Sunlight chapter 6

And here's a new one at last!

Masked Boxer chapter 5 & Complete Series


Well guys its over, and what an ending it is. Heres Chapter 5 and the complete vol 1 I really don't want to say much about the final chapter I feel its better read then explained. I got to say for a short one vol series this series accomplishes way more then most long running mangas take vols to do. I mean Shimamoto introduces a whole new character into the final chapter and he just fits right in. Its also the first Shimamoto I have ever finished so that makes me pretty happy! Man I know I suck making posts I am a better speaker then I am a blogger. Since I suck at saying final thoughts why don't you guys give it a go in the comments below and say why your liked or hated Masked Boxer.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 06 ch. 52

Time to end this!

Time for a new BTS!  Lots to say about this chapter but my mind is drawing a blank here, but that's what happens when you go to an early morning anatomy class and the professor is spouting out so much information you mind turns to jelly more so then it alway is cause its 8 in the morning. Lets see in this chapter, stuff about Lions happen a legend to be exact. Takizawa goes for the finishing move but will it be enough. I can't say much else, I think I will lay down my head hurts.

oh and one more thing I was hoping to recuit some timers for a few anime projects I hope to push out I just need timers, everything else is taken care of on these projects.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shut Hell, chapter 23 (Joint with Manga At The End Of Time)

This one has been on Other Side Of sky's radar for quite some time, as it had been long abandoned. This is also one of the only ones we're not doing any editing on. That job is down to our partners on this one who have honestly done an absolutely amazing and fantastic job on the editing here.

Shut Hell, or Shuto Hero, focuses on Shut Hell, a female Tangut warrior in 13th century china, feared by even the invading Mongols. The first three volumes were done by the sadly defunct Milky Translations, and they had done the first coupla chapters of V4, but Other Side felt it was worth doing it from the top of the volume. Here, we meet Veronika, 'The Arrow Of God,'...and one thing I utterly love is how Yu Itoh (who is an amazing artist) does Temujin, AKA:  Genghis Khan through this story as a shadowy, dreaded figure.

I'd also say both we and Manga At the End of time could use help with editing, translating, you name it, to get some great projects out, so go check them out!

Expect more Tree in the sunlight within a day or two. Robot Keiji, I know I've gotten questions on that...nothing yet. If you want to know, ask FKMT Krazy, hopefully it'll come soon.

Here is Shut Hell!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Azumi Chapter 5 and Sukeban Deka, chapter 2 part 1

Azumi chapter 5 Towards a Merciless road: Azumi runs afoul of some bandits and meets a rather...colorful character.

And in Sukeban Deka Chapter 2's first part we meet a new set of villains for Saki to face: the snake-like Mizuchi sisters!The greedy Ayumi the envious Emi and the sinister Remi...we see how they rule Takanoha School with an iron fist (And a weird control over snakes)....until Saki's arrival!

We also meet the perpetually...unfortunate Junko Yuina, so enjoy her tragedies!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Way Of Ryu, chapter 19 part 1

Technically it's part 1 AND 2, but who's counting?

After the Robot city, it's time for the plot to get a-rolling again, and a new main is going to be introduced...

Here's your new Way Of Ryu!

Also, we are now recruiting EDITORS! We would really, really be in need of a typesetter or two to help with some Mizuki and Tezuka works! And any cleaners to give a hand as well!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tenku No Inu Chapter 1: Usobuki

For our first 'real' story in this, we meet Shinpei Inui, a young man with a connection to the Hounds of Heaven. Vacationing in the mountains with a childhood friend, he draws afoul of the dark spirits, the Usobuki...and Chikara, Aoi and one other member of the company, are there to see what's up.

Tenku no Inu: Chapter 1

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Be-bop High School vol. 02 ch. 11

Time for another Be-Bop Highschool, Hiroshi and Toru have been held back and you know what that means, they going to kick the asses of everyone in sight and curse up a storm. This is also the first Be-bop where I am cleaner so yay me.

Cat's Eye Chapter 10's_Eye_Chapter_10.rar

It's Hitomi's birthday! Let's see how this goes...who doesn't love Hitomi, after all?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Masked Boxer chapter 4

That feeling when your sure your going to get your ass kicked

Another day another chapter of a great Shimamoto manga, time for masked boxer 4. I this chapter our hero must face Mark Python aka God Boxer, who has the ability to crush bones! will he win? will he die? find out in this exciting chapter!

Also I liked to see some more comments, don't think I am asking alot in doing that just a comment or two on your thoughts of the chapter really but hey I know people are busy I just think it be nice.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy chapter 160

And here's a new chapter! Thunder goes wild! Our heroine must ponder even more as she is pursued by our favorite dogged not-so-nice guy.

Enjoy Happy Chapter 160

Also, a little update. Kekko Kamen last time was a release from the wrong folder, so here's the fully corrected one: Chapter 13 (v2)

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 06 ch. 51


Another day another amazing release, BTS 51! In todays exciting aventure we contiune the battle between Takizawa and Wazkita or should I say Father Takizawa? Anyone else think Takizawa has figured it out yet or does he continue to be the thickhead we all know and love. Come back tommorow for another release of something Shimamoto. But still I think someone needs to put together a pic of takizawa getting hit with a salamon I don't know what I just feel the fish slap will be the only thing to get him set stright. 

Also Special Thanks to Frobman for drawing the awesome credits page for BTS that we'll be using from now on! So be sure to check out his stuff  here, Aswell as here and don't forget here .

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shin Mazinger Zero prologue

Just a little special preview for everyone...Went ahead and did the prologue for Shin Mazinger Zero volume 1. Now, this one is an...interesting series. Other Side's translation is pretty incredible, of course, and the series is apparently simple enough there. The editing on the other hand? Tabata and Yugo's names should be cursed for the sheer hell of that.

Because Dynamic Pro's busy now, we're waiting for his return. When he does, you're going to see this series in considerably higher quality, thanks to Bounty Hunter scanning raws for us.(if Bounty Hunter is reading this, please consider contacting us just so we can talk about the raws for translation purposes?)

Otherwise, enjoy the taste of things to come. And listen to Kanjite Knight while you do. This series is worthy of the name Mazinger and a more...brutal take than usual. YOu'll notice I left the hand-painted text in as well, as I see that as part of the art work.

But enjoy!


Azumi Chapter 3

The kids carry out their brutal mission....this one is widespread slaughter of everyone in the village.

Next time, hopefully we have chapters that don't involve people being butchered

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tenku No Inu prologue

And with a huge thanks to Music Otaku's stellar translation skills, we can bring you a new Nagai here! Cleaned by and edited by yours truly, it's Tenku No Inu, or 'The Hounds Of Heaven'. In this story, Nagai gets his folklore on with every chapter containing a lot on Buddhist lore or Japanese folklore.. The prologue introduces us to Heaven, Incorporated...a company with a particular staff that hunts down all sorts of supernatural monsters and protects humanity from them.

In this chapter, we meet Chikara Amatsu, the president of Heaven, Inc, and her de facto second in command Aoi Katsuragi. Both have a high knowledge of the supernatural and occult and in atypical Nagai fashion, aren't victimized by what they encounter. The two are called to investigate a bad case of 'Carbuncle Face' and learn there's more to it...

So enjoy Tenku's prologue!

Let me also add: we're looking for translators for some Nagai or other words, editors all around and some aid with web design for a new blog/site! Please consider aiding us!

Kazu Edit: The Prologue released above wasn't the finished version, so I fixed the link so go redownload it again.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Way Of ryu chapter 18, part 5

We at Happyscans finally bring you the end of the Robot City Arc in Ryu! coming up next...what's next for our heroes? Who is 'Condor?' Will God EVER shut the hell up? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kekko Kamen Chapter 13

The HappyScans team is glad to bring you another fun filled Kekko Kamen, as our heroine challenges Sparta Academy's evil janitor Metal Head!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Azumi chapter 2

Chapter 2

After the brutal graduation, it's time for the missions to begin...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sukeban Deka chapter 1, part 3 and chapter complete

Alright, finally it's here. The fist full case of Sukeban Deka. The team at Happy Scans is bringing this one to you guys, so enjoy!

Saki finishes the case she's on...will she get to see her mom again?

Part 3

And the full chapter 1!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tree In the Sunlight, chapter 5

Just wanna say, I really, really recommend this. It's easily one of Tezuka's best works I've ever done and a real work of art. Hope more people give this one a shot, as it's the best series we do that nobody seems to read!

Expect some Azumi and Sukeban Deka soon, and we'd love new aid with translating and editing. Azumi could really use a new editor for help!

Cyborg 009: Angels

A fitting title to bring out now...and a HUGE thanks to Felipe Onodera for translating and editing this for us. It's a real honor and a privilege and we are insanely grateful.

Here is the Angels arc for Shotaro Ishinomori's incredible series. One of the best he ever did and certainly the most famous, taking place after the main series and introducing a great plot that was finished later on!

Enjoy, everyone!

PS: Felipe, hope to talk to you again soon. Everything well otherwise?