Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vagabond Chapter 317

Here we are! The new chapter at last, with a HUGE thanks to our friend at Guren no Heyakara for this..

And speaking of Guren, we have a very important project coming up from him soon.

EDIT: Some people have reported issues with Sendspace, so here's a few mirrors:


  1. Thanks a lot, guys!

  2. is this reality?
    thanks a lot guys!

  3. Thanks.
    There's a spelling/grammar error in page 16, where toyozaemon says "Musashi seems to be really a member of this village."

    It should be "Musashi seems to be a real member of this village."

    my 2cents.

  4. Thanks for the chapter! I was afraid it went on hiatus again.

    @moredrowsy - I think that could also be read as Musashi "really" seems to be a member of this village.

  5. Could you post another link from another host please?
    Something seems to be wrong with Sendspace today. Thank you.

  6. Same here. Sendspace seems to be down. Can you please uploaded it on a different host please? Thanks.

  7. Hey, guys, I reloaded it to MIRC for a bunch of different mirrors for you.

    Regarding the typo, you're right. I apologize. Just did that after a long day of typesetting and cleaning multiple things and it slipped my notice.

  8. I seems to be really happy with the release!