Monday, July 29, 2013

The way of Ryu, Volume 3 complete and chapter 18 part 4

Well, big day! And praise be to a1oner for his handling the Robot City arc...this one is nearly done...and then God shuts up.

And we have completed another volume of The Way of Ryu! Here's the complete volume 3


  1. Characters such as God are the bane of my (manga reading) existence! Heck, if he's so damn tired of having such an immortal body--living through all the centuries for HE knows how long, then why not fucking kill himself!? Just blow your cyborg brains out of your cyborg skull with what remains of your ammo you ungrateful self-righteous hypocrite!!! Phew!

    But what is this praise for handling Robo City about!? It's as if no one else would dare do it *cough*spider-man*cough*, as though you're implying that it's the only arc I'll be completing!? And esp if God truly runs out of gas soon as you're suggesting-- Ryu remains to be a worthwhile series worth working on.

    1. if spider-man is compared to this, then spider-man must be pretty damn good! that's it im reading it, just after this.

  2. I really don't mind God that much. But yeah, he's kinda overshadowed by Condor and Ryu himself later on.

  3. Thanks, I was looking forward for more Ryu.

  4. Thanks for the release!

    BTW, could you fix the complete v03 link, please?

  5. don't mind me, dwnled it from the downloads page.