Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Way Of Ryu Chapter 18, part 2

We've got more now! Here's another chapter of Ryu as they explore the technological wonderland and see more that everything is not what it seems...

Way Of Ryu, chapter 18 (part 2)

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  1. That already has been established from the previous chapter! Believe you me-- this chapter has 'bromance' written all over it! I should know better as I'm the one who had to go through all that shit for at least 2 days!

    So enjoy (your) Ryu and God's first alone time together or in short-- their first date, and all the lovers' spat and kiss and make up moments that go along with it! XD

    1. I knew all of God's talk about Ryu's love life was covering for something!

  2. This isn't going to end well...

  3. Thanks, you're awesome for bringing us this gem!