Friday, July 5, 2013

Space Adventure Cobra Volume 3: Secret Of the Ultimate Weapon (joint with Hokuto No Gun)

Volume 3: The Ultimate Weapon

And after a bit of a wait, we bring you the new Space Adventure Cobra, with a fresh new adventure! The Secret of the Ultimate Weapon which is exactly what it says on the front!

Cobra has solved the mystery of the tattoos, and now he's ready to clash with the Evil Emperor Babel (and here's hoping we release more of the good Babel soon), see more of the Snow Gorillas, discover the mystery of the Swordians...and it wouldn't be Buichi without lots of action, scantily-clad women, improbable weapons and bizarre civilizations.

Oh, and Cobra fights a Genie. Just FYI

As far as I've been asked...

1. More Robot Keiji is hopefully coming soon.  FKMT Krazy told me he's working on another chapter. He just had to take a bit of a break. As a side note, if you guys like Fukumoto? His projects are in need of editors, so if anyone's interested, please say so!

2. Shin Mazinger Zero and Grendizer are in the hands of Dynamic Pro now, so we're waiting on him. As a sidenote, if Bounty Hunter is reading this, please leave a comment or email me regarding the scans, and thank you for the work you've been doing (other Side of Sky was requesting the scans to continue the translation)


  1. You guys are the BOSSES! Thanks a lot!

  2. Like a bunch of bosses ;) Thanks! :D

  3. Thanks! :)

    Btw, are you going to update "complete" and "current projects" section? It's a bit difficult to find the material that has been already published

  4. Hooray! Another volume of Cobra finished. I really hope that Dynamic Pro Scanlations are able to release Shin Mazinger Zero and Grendizer soon, but thank you very much for the update on their status. On a side note, do you think that any of you will release the last part of TV Magazine's Grendizer done by Yu Okazaki? It was released finally in Tankobon format not long ago and I thought that perhaps someone of the scanlation groups which worked in Nagai's part would release Okazaki's part in the future.

    1. Do you happen to have the raw version of the re-release? I've searched the internet but I was not able to find it .

  5. Thank You so much!!!!!! Muchisimas Gracias!!!

  6. Cobra is great, thanks for the release