Sunday, July 7, 2013

Robot Keiji Chapter 7, and Fantasy World Jun Volume 2 (END)

First order of business, it's back! Keiji chapter 7!

Thanks be to FKMT Krazy...but like I said, they need help if they'll continue bringing in amazing Fukumoto manga. Please consider teaming up with them for editing work, because it's Fukumoto! Kaiji, Akagi and all kinds of amazing stuff.

Second order of business.

Fantasy World Jun, volume 2 and the finish of the series. What an honor it was to work on this with our friend Guren. It's one of the most poignant, beautiful manga I've ever had the honor of working on. Jun's journey continues, taking him to beautiful new worlds, through amazing experiences and a quest to uncover the meaning of art, life, loss and sorrow.

This has my vote as THE manga of Shotaro Ishinomori with the exception of The Way Of Ryu. It's worth the price of admission just to see the art.

Enjoy, everyone.

When you read this, I just want everyone to keep in mind the tragedies Shotaro Ishinomori suffered, and the sheer work he put into this. The man was rightly known as the King of manga and he gave us an incredible archive to enjoy. It's a tragedy he's no longer with us, but nobody can live forever. I think Jun represents the man's work better than almost anything else he has done. As a scanlator, I love bringing his works out in English to people who would never enjoy them, and I find myself fascinated reading his thoughts and seeing his brilliance on the panels.

He wrote so many great stories and created characters that live on even after him. Robot Detective Keiji. Ryu. Kikaider. The 9 Cyborgs. Ichi the blind swordsman....while Tezuka was fond of writing himself into his own stories, to my knowledge, Jun is Shotaro's only avatar.  Here we get to see his inner thoughts and the sheer beauty of his art, especially the color pages at the end.

In the end, I want to say that the world is better because of Shotaro Ishinomori's devotion to his art and he left us a great deal to enjoy. Thank you, Sensei. Long live the King.

And from someone who helped make this manga in english a beautiful experience:
From a1oner:

Proud to be a part of bringing this 'one of a kind' manga into the hearts and minds of all non-Jap/Eng readers out there.

Thank you, Shotaro Ishinomori, for THE 'journey'-- and I mean every single one of them titles you had brought to this otherwise very boring world.


  1. Ishinomori is my favorite comic artist of all time. I feel like he was not just a great artist, but a human being as well. I'm proud to admire such man and all his works. Thanks for finishing it for us.

  2. be... better than cyborg 009?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    damn im reading this now, i was going to do it later, but ain't nobody got time fo dat!

    1. I still think Cyborg 009, the whole series in its 36 volumes, is Ishinomori's best work. It's not considered his life work for nothing. The Battle of the Gods storyline was influenced by Jun, actually, even published on the same magazine. And it's amazing!

  3. The Sensei was a great human being and a great writer and philosopher. Sadly, even today, not everyone understands him. If only he could have lived enough to finish his last work. He left it in inexperienced and untalented hands which badly ruined it. :'( Thanks for this wonderful job, guys. I wait for other ones!

  4. The sensei being missed i think is a great signal of him and his work being loved. You made me discover aspects of his work totally unknown to me. Like Jun.

    You are a sort of heralds of his work, and i thank you for that

  5. Releases like this make me glad I follow/occasionally do stuff for you guys.

  6. Thank you very much for Fantasy World Jun. I never expected to see it scanlated fully, so I'm quite glad that you finished quite quickly.