Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kekko Kamen and Cat's Eye double release!

Kekko Kamen 12

Kekko Kamen has to save her fellow student! AGAIN! I wonder if the school's time would be better spent doing anything else at this juncture. This time they have a secret weapon...queen of the wilds, Tarzania!

And in this new Cat's Eye chapter 7 we encounter a new thief and rival to the girls...The Mouse!


  1. New Kekko Kamen always makes my day!

  2. Just started reading Cat's Eye, i'm liking it very much.
    Thank you for translating this manga!

    Man, how come pretty much 99% of modern manga looks so bland?

  3. Finished reading all translated chapters so far.
    Gotta love how Toshio is kinda dense while everyone surrounding him is quite sharp. Very entertaining.

    Thanks for translating this great manga!