Monday, July 29, 2013

600th release special! Cyborg 009 Shimamoto one shot and Azumi chapter 1

And in such a short time, we breach another 100 releases!

The first order of business is a great joint with our man Hox, a Cyborg 009 oneshoy by Kazuhiko Shimamoto himself, written after and for the terrible Tsunami in Japan not long ago. Shimamoto's incredible art and Ishinomori's wonderful story and characters...what else could you ask for in a tribute?

009 One shot

And next...Azumi chapter 1, with our friend Guren no Heyakara at his blog! an amazing seinen story about a girl and her friends raised as assassins to end the foes of the shogunate. This one isn't for kids, with violence and sexual content at times,so be cautious. Guren also included a PDF glossary in the chapter to make following characters a bit easier. For this one, we'd appreciate if anyone wantsto sign on to help with the editing, namely cleaning and typesetting.

Here's chapter 1 of Azumi!


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  2. Nevermind... I found it in the download link on the side.

  3. Sweetness! I finished reading Cyborg 009 a while ago, so more Ishinomori/Shimamoto goodness is welcome!

    1. Frobman why aren't we super best friends yet? I mean you like Ishinmori/Shimamoto I usually meet someone who likes one or the other not both! Also good luck on releasing your sonic unleashed in breif, and yes I am now a fan of your animations. Shameful Advertising always works haha.

    2. Haha! So kind of you. You'll especially love one bit in this new cartoon, I'll say that much~.

  4. Greetings, Happy Scans.

    I got really busy some time ago and was forced to stop doing translations (in part due to my work as translator for a brazilian publisher). But I did the Cyborg 009 Angels Arc to go with the Shimamoto one-shot:

    You guys are free to release it if you want. I also have plans to do the Battle of the Gods arc later. It's some sort of sequel to this unfinshed story. And it's also the basis to the Re: 009 Cyborg movie.


    1. cool man, I will talk to wright about this, and see if he wants to release it, got to say this was a nice surpise, so are these actually the last chapters of cyborg ishinmori actually drew?

    2. They're supposed to be, but Ishinomori felt he was not ready to do it yet, in part due to the lukewarm reception of his ambitious Ryu no Michi manga. It was a phase of self-doubt for him and he decided to drop it for a while and work on other Cyborg 009 stories before doing the final chapter of the series.

      He brought this story arc back on the COM magazine right after Jun, and with a lot of influences from this work on it. But the fan reaction was mixed, with a lot of complains about the way the story was being told and also some controversy about the 009/003 sex scene. Again, this story was left unfinished.

      Again, he postponed the conclusion of this story for the 2000 year. But passed away before that. His son released some novels based on his notes and drafts and they're now being adapted to manga by some of his former assistants.

    3. That's very kind of you, Felipe, thank you so much for this. It's another amazing 009 story and we're always good for those.

      How have you been? How's Anna doing? And we'd love to see Battle of the Gods!

  5. Wow. Thank you for the release!
    A scanlator with willpower to start scanlating a 40+ volumes long, already complete series, has to be praised for it. Congratulations. If only there were more Happys in the scanlator scene....

  6. Thanks for the One-Shot. I love Cyborg 009.

  7. oh man that Ushio to Tora page at the very beginning the nostalgia!! but then i remember that i actually didn't like the end at all, the frustration!!! so many feels!

    Ushio to Tora is quite old when was this released exactly? i see ghost sweeper Mikami and Inuyasha that's definitelly from the 90's but it say 2013...

    is... is Ushio to Tora being remade?!

    regardless of that thanks for the release guys!

    1. To answer your question, I believe those (ads) were for Shounen Sunday's 'Earthquake Relief' efforts-- to which this oneshot is also a part of.

      quoting JustPassingBy from nerieru-scans: "It is part of a greater promotion, in which authors revive their old characters to gather money for the Japanese earthquake relief fund. All money made from the tankobon will go directly into it."

    2. revive? like when they get their own oneshots? because i sure feel that Ushio to tora had some things without proper ending or explaining.

      so if i am right, there is some Ushio and Tora oneshot somewhere? and if is like this one, it may be a sequel that may answer life long questions like (spoilers ahead for those who haven't read this release) the fate of 009 & 002 after they reentered earth?

      oh man that is huge!! thanks for the news! now i have to search.

      alright what i found is that the oneshot would be divided apparently into 2 parts, and it wouldn't be a sequel but a gaiden... so these come in one tankobon, or are a series of various volumes? because it seems that it was released on march but if U&T is divided in 2 parts does that mean that there is a part 2 for all these other stories?

      any extra info would help.

    3. How they survived is explained very ealry on the series, on the Monster Island story arc. 001 managed to save them at the last moment.

    4. Oh no, i know they didn't die, and the proper explaining
      in part is how is that Tora survives? or why is Kirio treated like if he was painted in the background, cockblocked by Tora! or how comes the final enemy knows how to be a fake mother if its real identity is a baby?!! among other things.
      ---SPOILERS ENDS---

      My comment was written in real time as i was searching for info, so at the moment i didn't even know if they would get an oneshot, serialization or anything.

      But here is what i know at this moment:

      ---SPOILERS!!! yeah right, as if the beginning of this post wasn't a big ass spoiler already XD--

      There is this story, when Ushio and Tora are going to take the train to go and visit someone (maybe Ushio's mom or maybe is to get more info about Ushio's mom)and they find this girl called Chaco-chan, Chaco-chan is able to see Tora, she is not afraid, surprised or anything, so sure you would say "weird how come?" since Tora is a giant humanoid tiger with heavy metal hair, and claws, that is flying... but since this is not the 1st time that a human thinks that something like Tora is a normal thing ,they all hang out waiting for the train... and then the train comes, a furious train engulfed in fire that is being feed human corpses, is an evil spirit! and it kidnaps Chaco-chan! so they have to go and rescue her, they go and jump on the back wagon and start crawling their way to Chaco-chan, they found her and she starts to say that since Ushio reminds her of her "uncle?" she is going to tell them her story, well it so just happens that Chaco-chan is an spirit too, she died on a train accident when she was moving towns to go and live with her mother, so apparently Chaco-chan's parents divorced, anyway Chaco-chan has lots of regrets, but at least she hasn't transformed into a monster, unlike the train, anyway, Ushio and Tora having secured Chaco-chan, now to go and kick the train's ass-face before he gets to the next station and refills with whatever he finds there, being these souls or living beings, so they go and 1st stop the train using their awesome strength, anyway something happens and Chaco-chan is now planing to be a decoy for the train, then she kicks the train's face... (ok here is when i wish i have more than just resumes or a waaaay better understanding than absolute basic Japanese and Google translator), the train of course gets pissed, and is up to Ushio and Tora to give him the last killer strike -Pawnage happens- after that the train soul, which was an engineer, gets some words of encouragement and anti procrastination, and he is able to attain buddhahood and goes to heaven, but what is this?! Chaco-chan remains here on earth? so... Chaco-chan stays back for the next train to go and see her mom... so was she dead? alive? how the hell was she flying then? if she is a ghost why is she taking the train anyway?!!!! lets ignore this for now, so the train for Chaco-chan arrives and they say their farewells (sniff, oh god is ending again!) as they go Ushio and Tora fly away and leave the train station! that's right Ushio is able to fly using the spear's power, and not only that Ushio is also able to fly if he decides to ride on Tora's back, which is the case here... so why the hell would they to go and take the train to begin with?! simple Tora is a hardcore tsundere, and Tora is being uncooperative as always, but this ending shows us how both of them became able to go all happily with each other...
      ---spoilers end and may continue shit...----

    5. The most clear thing here is that since the spear still exist, this is not a sequel, and thus nothing was answered... nothing! but it has supposedly an incredible strong, beautiful, and well placed message that is both useful and encouraging, this of course, must be true, because if this series does something right is to deliver moving stories with good messages.

      So now the question remains, was this in 2 parts or are we getting a second story? is there plans for a second volume of these? i have no ides, what is more this may be the second part, so in that case i don't know what is the 1st story...

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    7. Also thanks a lot again for this release, i would have never knew about it, if it wasn't for you guys!

      and reading anons comment again i realize that he was talking about cyborg 009... which now makes me look like a fool. anyway.

  8. OH MY... this first chapter of Azumi was very good! It looks really promising! Looking foward to the next releases of it... it will be a loooong journey that I will follow you guys.