Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cat's Eye chapter 6, and Violence Jack: The Dragon Fortress

In Cat's Eye Chapter 6 and the final chapter of volume 1, our heroines are doing a little work for a nice group of kittens...and Toshio's new partner is trusting in her intuition.

And in The Dragon Fortress the plot thickens in a sense. We meet a couple surviving however they can in the brutal wasteland of Kanto. When Jack arrives with a girl in tow, they will have to make a decision that will affect not only their futures, but the future of the world the Slum King's Dragon Fortress.

Enjoy, guys


  1. man this Devilman is quite the long story.
    but i am too damn deep on it to call it quits, and it has kinda grown on me, despite the whole "ending" Devilman had, i mean what really happened there, that he was unable to show us? how did he loss the lower half of his body, and why the hell are they so cuddly after an apocalyptic battle, goddamn you Nagai! tell me that the rumors are fake anyone will do, just say it, what a horrible death...

    1. If you enjoyed Devilman, let me say that you should check out Devilman Lady. It has the feel of a more direct sequel

  2. Thanks a lot for the chapter.

  3. I've been waiting for the next chapter of Jack. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for both chapters.

  5. Thanks for Jack :)

  6. Thank you for both Cat's Eye's and Jack! Does this chapter of Violence Jack end Volume 3? Or are there more pages left after this chapter before Volume 3 is considered complete?

  7. There's one more arc in Jack V3!

  8. To be honest i thought that this part 2 was going to be a continuation of the two prisoners arc, but it's a different. And Susano-o rings a bell.. I wonder if we'll see that band of psychics at some point and why does Nagai introduce so many characters? Is he going to make them fight at the end of the manga so that one of them could succeed Jack or something? The one will rule Kanto in a new and more humane way? Don't see a reason in having that many side stories though.

    Nagai rules!

  9. Hey,

    you still need help with the CE Scanlation?
    Can clean and set (and redraw SFX)
    So in case you still need an editor - just post a an email addy here or send me a msg to

    Couldn't find any other contact data since the blog's data is like 2 yrs old :(