Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 05 ch. 47

Time for fanservice or is it?!

Hey fellas I am back from the grave, and I bring you all a new BTS. Its good to be back, thanks goes to all who donanted to help my get my computer fixed since the temp computer thing wasn't working out. Nevertheless I am going to be editing up a storm the next few days, can't disscuss what but I am pretty sure your going to love what I bring to the table. Also I will not be posting the singles of BTS and Be-bop that have been released over the past few weeks, instead I am going to just post the ones that do come out and the ones that didn't put them in the batch vol. Well time to get to some editing have a nice day and enjoy that Fanservice or not up to you really.


  1. N I C E ! Always good to have some eye-candy around here every once in a while! (though I personally prefer older, milf-ish ones, really) XD

    Oh, and not to forget about Kaz's huge surprise (albeit hinted) comeback, ofc! Always a pleasure to have you, man. Hope you don't mind if I take Ryu completely out of your hands. Not to mention Bebop...

    1. yeah more bebop would be nice already QC'ed chapter 8 btw. For ryu guess thats fine though I do like to do work on it from time to time.

    2. I'll see what I can do but no guarantees lol. If I had to rank my 5 typesetting priorities--it'll probably look something like this:

      kekko > bebop > deka > ryu > cat's eye

      Certainly, someone wouldn't be so happy when he sees this! XD