Monday, May 13, 2013

Triple threat time! Shingen Takeda 5, Robot Keiji 6 aaaand...

It's the return of the great General, Shingen Takeda! In Chapter 5! Give our man Chaos a big hand for this great chapter!

And our robot friend is back! It's a new case for our friend Keiji in Robot Keiji Chapter 6
And now...the momeny youv'e been waiting for...

Heck, maybe we should've made this the ransom note for more Urasawa.

Happy 156
Well, it's about time this got more uplifting, wouldn't you say?

As for what we need now...editors and translators!If anyone knows Italian and Spanish, we could definitely use the help as well, as we have some series in those languages, too! Don't be shy, people! We have a need for the help and we'd love to have new friends and crew members


  1. Thank you very much for working hard on Happy!

    You've made my month.

  2. I'm Italian, contact me if you need help with the new series (which ones?).

  3. i know Spanish, goddamn i have no time whatsoever but fuck it,

    also yeah which series?

  4. Thanks for another Robot Keiji! :D

  5. I am Italian... (and a huuuuge Ishinomori fan...) How can I help? ^^

    1. Hello, Meg, mind shooting me an email?

    2. Sure! Is the address one of the two shown in the recruitment page?

  6. I'm willing to help on any Ishinomori series, since he's my favorite mangaka and I want to see more of his works being translated! Even the most obscures ones, like Gilgamesh or Banchou Wakusei.

  7. Maicon MontezzumaMay 14, 2013 at 10:34 AM

    Thanks for Robot Keiji! If only we could get Way of Ryu again...