Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tiger Mask, chapters 7 and 8

Well, this's a mite embarrassing...

Quoting Chaos: " Okay so due to a bit of a clerical error, chapter 7 was skipped and chapter 8 was mistakenly released as chapter 7. We apologize for the oversight. So if you downloaded the previous release of “chapter 7″ please download this chapter 7 and rename your current chapter 7 as chapter 8! Then that’ll take you all the way to the end of the fight with Black Python, and what a fight it is…"

So any online readers, just replace these.

here's 7

And 8


  1. Thanks, And don't worry. Making mistakes is human, and i'm sure everyone understand this can happen. We must always remember we can read this thanks to all of you in the group. So... thanks for your work.

  2. I don't know if I should ask here, but are you guys still doing Yawara? I noticed another group just released chapter 74.

  3. Sure, you can ask here. The other group formerly did Yawara! as a joint with us, until we told them to take a flying leap over something better left unsaid. They have some of Kai Boh's inferior scripts so I wouldn't expect much in the way of quality translations from them. We are indeed still doing Yawara! and I will be releasing our chapter 74 as soon as possible after I finish Happy! chapter 157. I plan on finishing all of Yawara!, through volume 29, unless I die first (j/k). It's similar to the situation with Freezing. Do you want to wait for For-The-Halibut to do it right, or do you want a quick sloppy fix with the Emeraude version? I apologize for letting Yawara! slip to the point where another group felt the need to do it also. So, to say it again, HappyScans! will never drop Yawara! as long as I am a member of the group.