Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Way of Ryu, chapter 15 (part 2). Start of volume 3!

Chapter 15 continues here! Ryu must deal with a super persistent predator. And God has something to say about it!

....of course God has something to say about it, I swear this manga would be half the length if he'd just shut up!

ahem. Still waiting for Kazu to return, so hopefully that'll be very soon. In the meanwhile, as he's the one with the credits page, a huge thanks to:
AAA for the translation
A1oner for the typesetting and CrazyAnkan for aid with cleaning. You guys are all awesome.

In the meantime, any typesetting and cleaning help would be very appreciated!

Here's the beginning of Ryu volume 3!


  1. Thanks.

    Btw can you please share some sight on the progress of VJ and Space Cobra?

  2. Well, if someone wants to help with typesetting, Cobra would go faster. Jack is being typeset by Arles

  3. I'd rather donate money (as i've done in the past) than help with typesetting. Sorry, i'm doing my best to support you.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Thanks! And yes, God talks a lot, but after so many centuries is normal...

  5. Thanks for more Ryu no Michi.

  6. God is a prime example of author avatar, he reminds me of Jubal from Stranger on a Strange Land.