Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spider-Man by Ikegami with Hokuto No Gun, volumes 2-5 (END)'s been a while for this one. Mainly as Morten of GWR stabbed us in the back and never bothered to do his part in this after we translated it. And cleaned it. And bought raws he was going to scan. But never did. Gotta love honest, reliable people, huh?? Still, we make it a policy to get stuff done eventually, so here we are. Done. And dear lord, thanks to the people who stuck with this, especially a1oner who was a damned CHAMPION on this monstrosity.

Really, the idea of a Japanese adaptation of Spider Man has potential. Potential utterly wasted after a few chapters. The delusions of violent grandeur are bad enough, but our hero is an unlikable little prick who rarely solves situations when he has a rather open chance which usually results in someone else paying the price as he babbles futilely about some nonsense. Very few characters are likable, the social messages are heavy handed and some scenes are plain freaking bizarre (masturbation scene comes to mind).

and because it's Spider-Man, instead of fighting the Green Goblin, The Chameleon, the Lizard, Doctor Octopus? We get to see him fight....disgruntled Vietnam veterans and marijuana dealers. Yeah, Marijuana bizarrely becomes the tool of Satan in this manga. And the manga may contain little to no Spider-Man.

Anyways, I'm glad this is over. We really could use editors and cleaners for some series now, and translators as well. Kekko Kamen and Vagabond could use the editing help and we have some series that could use aid with cleaning. Maybe a new one or two that could require more staff and more planned projects in need of a translator.

Also, have a look at this project
It's a great new company, aiming to publish Tezuka's The crater, a book of short stories. there are only 2000 copies to sell so please lend support and we can see more great Tezuka works published by these guys. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, so let's all make it happen!

And for Spider Man...

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

And it's done.


  1. man i don't know about good old spider guy, never was really a fan, and the description sounds frustrating XD.

    i'm interested into refining my skills as cleaner, mostly because there are some weird forgotten abandoned manga that i would like to do in the future, but im not sure if i should start that while im already translating that other thing... if i could stop time.

  2. Masturbation is what happens when you mix the seinen style with a western based subject.

  3. Actually, after Kazumasa Hirai took over the script, all the stories were recycled from previous stories of the Wolf Guy series of novels.

    It's no wonder that they are not similar to Spider-Man in any way, since he was not even trying to make a Spider-Man story to begin with.

  4. Thanks for completing this series. The first volume was ... well ... interesting :-D

  5. Could you scanlate the Area 88 manga? i saw the OVA and iching to know more.

  6. The artwork was good. It reminded me of Go Nagai.

    The plot... not so much. In fact, the stories generally sucked. It's no wonder this was such a short-lived series.

    Nagai did a MUCH better job with Devilman.

  7. Ok finished it, i have to confess that i enjoyed it until the penultimate story of volume 2 before the yuki-onna story, after that it plummeted down hard, then it tried to do something with the spider-man 2 vs spider-man 1, but that was a disaster,and my apologies with everyone involved in the release of volume 5 because i actually didn't bothered with reading the text, i just know it was about women with powers that they couldn't control, dogs and tigers... what a shame.