Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hidamari no Ki/ The Tree in the Sunlight chapter 1 and Cat's Eye chapter 1!

Let me start by saying that, unfortunately, it seems Kazu needs to get a new computer so some releases may be a bit delayed until he can get one. Your patience is appreciated.

Now, the first series to bring in now...

One of Osamu Tezuka's greatest seinen, concenring the final days of the Shogunate and the friendship between a samurai and doctor therein...lots of cultural and historical information, a fascinating plot and excellent characters. Hahah42 is being a champ translating this one for us.

The second we bring you..

It's Cat's Eye by Tsukasa Hojo! About three sisters searching for their father, a famous artist. The three are thieves who steal his art pieces to make him recognize them, while owning their coffee shop Cat's Eye. It's a funny, fun and well drawn manga, and Hojo is quite the mangaka. In fact, we recommend his city hunter being scanned by Nerieru Scans and Kangxi's Translation lounge!

In the meanwhile, any new translators and ESPECIALLY editors would really help.

Cat's Eye Chapter 1

The Tree In the Sunlight chapter 1


  1. i thought someone alraedy scanned cat eye's up to vol 2

    1. That indeed is true, however the team has decided to start from scratch as the series' new TLer is Italian, and is therefore translating the series from its official Italian publication/version.

      That said, I'd personally see to it that we'll do a version 2 of this chapter, as Wright may have been too overly eager in releasing it in a less than adequate state. :)

    2. Though I should note we're having Cat's Eye very well checked, so no need to worry about the translation.

      And geez, a1oner, you're a slave driver, man!

    3. ORLY!? So I'm the slave driver now, eh?! Who was the one giving the other extra work just earlier, again? ;P

      It's all good, bro! I'll be doing most of it, anyway. I'd probably only need those pages where you did some redraws and that's it.

    4. Ok, ok, after Spider Man, I think you've earned the right to hold the whip for a while!

    5. nice seeing the group's dynamics outside the irc channel XD
      keep it up!!

  2. Great! Thank you!

  3. Wow! I'm glad that you are scanlating Cat's Eye. I've been waiting for it for years. Thanks for the release.

  4. a Jackie Chan... i mean city hunter, that's actually one hell of a long ride, being the manga or the anime! and the live action movie is awesome!

  5. One of the longer Tezuka works I have been the most interested in seeing translated. Thanks for picking it up :)

  6. Thank you!
    Since I've had the first 12 volume in Japanese (which I, alas, do not read) since the mid-80's, I very happy to see someone pick up the series again.