Monday, May 20, 2013

3, Street of Mysteries and Kuuki No Soko END

Well, it's not right to call them 'the end' exactly...Street of Mysteries has one more volume, but we can only get it in French. If someone would like to translate it (and if anyone else can scan it), we'd love to see it done.

As is, though, here we are:

Mysteries Chapter 6

And the short epilogue Mysteries 7

Now the final two Kuuki No Soko stories!

I sure had fun with these...Tezuka short stories are always a  blast

And 16

And Kuuki No Soko Complete

And Street Of Mysteries complete

I hope you liked the short stories. Our translator for these will be continuing on to another Tezuka series I'm sure everyone here will love (a very great seinen by him), and his other project should be in the editing phases by Illuminati Manga now.

As always, I resubmit my request for cleaners, typesetters and translators. It'll really help a lot of projects.

I'm also sure a lot of you want to know about Yawara: Village Idiot was working off Kai Boh's old scripts. Stargood will continue on with his own translations.

Oh, and don't forget to go buy a copy of The Crater! There are only 2000 of them and they're going fast, and it'll show everyone we want more Tezuka in English!


  1. Man this you completed it at the same time on a continuous release, how many people do you have on these projects this was madly fast!

    1. could it be that Kazuo Mizuki, that legendary authoron the three skulls chapter is the fusion of Kazuo Umezu and Shigeru Mizuki?!!!!

      man also that las story about the monster of mass media!
      i have to admit master Mizuki just beat master Tezuka on this one.

      Also im going to drop here the translation of the page 239 which was in Spanish.

      Each new book by Shigeru Mizuki opens a new door to enter into his polymorphic universe, that seem to morph with each new read. After the delicate poems in "NonNonBa", the implacable manifest against war in "Operation Death" and the adventures of "Kitaro", in "3, Street of Mysteries" we discover the rightening vein of the Japanese master.

      Shigeru Mizuki has won the award to best album in the International Comics Salon Angouleme 2007 for "NonNonBa", and the award "Essential Patrimony" of the 2009 edition of the previous salon for "Operation Death", both published by Astiberri.

      other works by the author

      Hitler: the visual novel. (glenat,2009)

      NonNonBa (Astiberri,2010)

      Operation Deathh (Astiberri, 2010)

      Kitaro 1 (Astiberri, 2010)

      well there you go i found this relevant is there are some tittles i didn't know of him, hope you found this useful or interesting at least.

  2. Thanks for all the Tezuka treats; you guys are great

  3. I'm planning to study and relearn French as well as continuing Japanese over this next year. I couldn't say I'd be any good, and it'd be a bit before I knew enough, but I could try to translate French... I'm ejala on MAL.

  4. Thank you very much for all your work on these series, I'm happy I get them to read!!

  5. my name is Aoy and i'm from VNS group
    my group is for sharing and translating (mostly) manga + anime into vietnamese for free to fans.
    We have known you with the work on "Kuuki No Soko" .
    today I write this letter to ask permission for re-translate and re-edit that project into vietnamese for fans who cannot read in English.
    Of course, we would include all your credits and links to your website. We only get vietnamese credits. If thats ok, it would be such a big help for us. If no, thats sad but i could understand the reasons. We would like to know the answer ASAP so we can get the work on this project going. Please give us your answer ASAP.