Monday, April 22, 2013

Sabu and Ichi Chapter 35

With our friends at HnG, we bring you another fun filled Sabu and Ichi detective story! Now, Kazu's told you guys about some stuff we're expecting, so here's some more info....we've got some great new stuff, who've been doing amazing work on bringing in releases, but the more the merrier.

Here are some projects we're thinking of picking up that just need a translator. We're down for any Tezuka, Ishinomori or Nagai, so give a ring anytime on those! Aso, Ken Ishikawa...if anyone's interested that may help a certain someone come back very, very soon..

First is Sukeban Deka, here's the plot:
Saki Asamiya, after being incarcerated in a youth corrections facility, is recruited by a detective named Jin after convincing her that the government could provide clemency for her mother, who was on death row. He trains her to be an undercover youth detective, infiltrating several high schools in Japan to investigate cases of crime, corruption and terrorism in the legend of a high school student

This one is a REALLY famous classic with quite the following, so we'd love to bring it out in English.

Others we'd like to pick up:

Wolf Guy from the 70s and the 90s...some of you may know the recent manga Wolf Guy that was finished by Illuminati Manga and Wolfy Scans...these are manga based on the series of novels that originated them, and involve pretty awesome werewolf action.


Azumi, by Koyama Yuu. You may know his work from Ganbare Genki that's being scanlated by Project Bite Me. This is held as a seminal classic of Jidaigeki and Seinen in general.
Azumi is a manga series that concerns a young woman brought up as part of a team of assassins, charged with killing three warlords that threaten Feudal Japan with an agenda of war and bloodshed.

Azumi received an Excellence Prize at the 1997 Japan Media Arts Festival and the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1998. 
This is one of the titles we want to do most, if anyone is interested in translating, cleaning, typesetting or knows anyone who can aid on those, please let us know!
Thanks and enjoy something very special coming up soon!


  1. Yay, Patrick is about to return i presume! I wonder what happened with him all of a sudden disappearing without saying anything...

    As i've said before - you're one of the best group that i know (might even be the best) simply because you're working on so many mangas. Not only that, but they're classics and old school and i'm a big Nagai and Terasawa fan and so on... Bu really... Picking more and more projects... I know that it's a good idea to shift between mangas, but how many projects are you handling?

    Keep on rocking, you're one of the best (can't really say the best, because other groups are working on other stuff that i really like, but you're definately the group with most projects that i follow).

  2. You guys rocks. Unknown classics and famous too. be sure your work is loved! And i'm also worried. how many activbe prohects do you have right now? Because this is amazing... and scary too.

    1. Let me speak in behalf of this group and say-- they haven't actually 'picked up' anything, yet. To be exact, those are only 'potential' projects and will remain to be nothing more than 'potential' projects, unless they can get 'translators' in which they desperately/urgently need.

      Simply put, if you know of anyone who might be interested in translating such old school classics as these, let us know how to contact them-- or better yet, let them (know how to) contact us. This group could definitely use some help so please help out somehow, no matter how little. ;)


  3. Azumi!!! YESSS!!! i happened to have volume one in japanese language. don't understand much, but i kinda like it. it's violence and bloody!!! my friend who speak japanese viewed a couple of page and said (SPOILERS) okay these kids are from the same clan and they're killing each other. only one survive and pass the test. very interesting. i'm sooo glad u guys pick it up. cant't wait! :D:D:D:D
    p/s: the other classics look awesome too!!! yay!!!

    1. Could you perhaps convince/interest this Japanese speaking friend of yours to translate Azumi for us? That would certainly help us out big time in actually 'picking up' the series.

    2. What he said! Yes, the opening of Azumi centers on the kids being raised as assassins and their final test is to slay their best friends among the group. If you can convince your friend, that'd be awesome.

      To anyone else, don't worry...we're building up more staff for projects.

    3. i did ask him. and he said no. nowadays he has 2 jobs working 60 hours a week. sorry, guys :(
      he don't even read manga though. that was part of our random conversation.

      last time i tried to download the Azumi raws, i saw +40 volumes. wonder how many years it would take to finish this project. wow!
      i watched the live action moviea while a go. pretty cool. the video game's footages on youtube look cool, too.

      wish i could be more help.

  4. Thanks for Sabu and Ichi.

  5. More staff and more projects? Unbelievable...

    Can you please tell me on how many projects you're working on right now? I'm just curious :)

    Thanks and keep rocking!

  6. Oh shit Sukeban Deka, that is the one I want the most. It's a crime this has gone untranslated for so long.

  7. I've had Azumi raws on my HD for years, looking for TL to translate it, so I could edit it.
    If you need any help editing it, please let me know- I'll gladly work on it.