Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kuuki no Souko 5 and Ryu no Michi 14

Kuuki no Souko 5: Duel at the Grand Mesa

One old fashioned gun slinger Old West story with a nice twist!

Here's more Way of Ryu....enter the Tower of Harvest!

Way of Ryu 14


  1. Thnks for more way of Ryu! (and that tower have a name that don't make trust it)

  2. This is taken from Orwell's Time Machine (the Eloi and the Morlock...) The Sensei loved western SF literature and movies, and often quoted them.
    Ryu loves Maria and couldn't accept Vera's love, but he's also very chilidsh and has to learn not to despise what he doesn't understand, and to love as a grown man- not for a sense of guilt only.

  3. I love Ryu no Michi. It's one of Ishinomori's finest. I hope you guys will do the whole trilogy!