Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kitaro, chapter 8,and Happy Chapter 155's our flagship with a new chapter! (And Umino and Choko yelling at eachother. Beautiful!)

Who could go for feeling Happy? Particularly Chapter 155 of Happy? We bet you could, guys. stay tuned for some Keaton whenever Illuminati wraps it up...and who knows?  Maybe some other Urasawa...of course, someone to help edit or translate those and other projects couldn't hurt.

And again, we have another Kitaro of the Graveyard with our pals at Hokuto no gun. The longest chapter yet in the volume where Kitaro is drawn to a village to rescue it from the vampire tree, which is sucking the life from people

...I'm also just convinced at this point Kitaro saves people to later prey on them himself because it's really the only way to explain the discrepancy between helpful Kitaro and psycho little bugger in previous chapters. Remember the Baseball game? Yeah, he was really gonna freaking kill them before the sun rose. Our hero.

Chapter 8


  1. Are you guys still doing Ryu no Michi?

    1. Yeah we are just the translator is working a very huge chapter

  2. Thank you!! You make me so Happy! :P