Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 5 ch. 42

The Dark Ibuki Rises! 

BTS ch. 42, well I would write a longer blog post, I am just too tired today sorry about that. I leave you with this, Matt Berry sketch. It explains the chapter pretty well if I do say so myself.

Also looking for staff for Batsu & Teri but at this point since other projects are getting started around here might not be a place for this anytime soon, but if your a translator please apply anyway, wouldn't mind having chapters translated ahead of time.

Batsu & Teri                                                       
Translator: needed                                                 
Cleaner: needed                                                             
Typesetter: needed                                                 
Proofreader: needed                                             


  1. Anytime is always a good time to start!

    Anyway, I'm still waiting on Crazy Delinquents and Shit Scans' and Shiba Inu Scans' respective responses to a joint proposition.

    Seriously guys, we might be forced to put all our operations (releases to be precise) on hold if we don't find a translator for this soon! Let this be a fair warning to all. ;p

  2. What happened to The Way of Ryu? Long time since the last release.

    1. Dont know the exact reason why there isnt a ryu release in a long time but...
      there is always one reason why releases are on hold and thats there are no translations available. Raws and editing are a minor problem...

    2. Way of Ryu is on hold because the translator is moving at the moment and he will be back next month. Think hes going to live in Japan so its going to be a long transition.

    3. Ryu will resume this month, hopefully. Just real life issues for the tL