Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ashita no Joe volume 12, part 2

Oh, look what's back.


  1. Guys, I have something I have been meaning to tell you, I love you, you're one of the rare groups out there that brings old good stuff to the english speaking community (heck, I have learned english solely for: a-to be a good programmer and b-reading a manga whose anime I watched as a child some decades ago), all of what I've seen on here up until now is gold, I don't know why so many groups swarm on generic Harem/RomCom/shoujo/shounen manga when a lot of Tezuka's works are still untranslated! such heresy!! most of the old (and some not so old) stand alone volumes and/or short stories master pieces are well known but are not target to commercial translations, meaning only you (fan scans groups) can bring them to us, let's say naruto is no more translated by whoever is translating it, I'm sure the commercial guys will catch up in no time, but the old goodies are, sadly, another matter.
    thanks from the bottom of my heart for the distinguished work you're putting forth, I hope you continue shining in the scans world.

  2. Well said! Happy for the win!

    How can you not love these guys with such a happy name!