Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3, Street of Mysteries story 4, and Blade of The Immortal 203: At the Contest of Great Wild Winds

Only Manji and Anotsu remain to face one another...and the fight we've waited 30 volumes for begins. Anotsu knows he deserves whatever happens, and has nothing more to live for. Still, he has no intent of offering his life without a fight. As for Manji...the opponent he's hungered for is right in front of him. Rin is left to witness the final battle...because no matter who strikes the final blow...no matter who wins...her journey is over. One way or the other.

Blade Of The Immortal, 203rd Chapter: At the Contest of Great, Wild Winds.

and more Mizuki fun for you! In this little....very...surreal chapter...we explore the consequences of immortality...and jerking off cats. Look, I didn't write it, ok?

And please consider helping us out as a translator or editor. We're on the lookout for both!

Street of Mysteries, Story 3


  1. Thanks for Mugen no Juunin

  2. Hiroaki Samura drawing the #203 cover:


  3. We're getting closer to the end, thank you for BotI!
    Also seeing Samura draw is fantastic.

  4. Thank you for Blade of the Immortal! :D

  5. yes, thanks so much for BOTI! <3 much love