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Triple release part 2! Kuuki no Soko, Vagabond and Giant Robo volume 2!

first? Kuuki no Soko chapter 11: Telephone. A story about a man receiving calls...from the other side. From someone who may be already dead...

I do admire how Tezuka never plays this one for flat out horror. I have to recommend a fantastic short story that does however: Richard Matheson's Long Distance Call (which was made into an episode of the old Twilight Zone)

Next...a new Vagabond! Chapter 313 We are now almost all caught up, thanks to our friend at Guren no Heyakara!

And now...

First Giant Robo Volume 1 (second edition)

And Giant Robo...

VOLUME 2 (end)

We'd like to thank _Ani for the great job he did on volume 1 some time back, but the reason a second V1 comes out with Volume 2 is simple....

Welcome back to Dynamic Pro who will doubtlessly have more to say tomorrow. We expect to see some wonderful raws scanned in by them...and keep an eye out for somemore stuff.

Enjoy the final volume of Giant Robo and watch out for the final chapter of Blade of the Immortal...may not be too long till we begin Shin Mazinger Zero!

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Triple release! Blade of the Immortal 205, Robot Keiji chapter 5 and Sabu and Ichi chapter 36

The penultimate chapter! In this chapter...the dust has settled and the Winter War is over. Who remains alive and what becomes of them Rin ponders what she'll do with her life now, and all grudges shall be laid to rest...but what of her and Manji?

And more importantly...who is left to remember? Has anything changed, even the smallest bit?

Blade of The Immortal Chapter 205: The Snows of Forgetfulness

And a HUGE thanks to footnote and SofaKingAC for their amazing work on typesetting and QCing this!

A new fun filled chapter in Sabu and Ichi as well! Chapter 36! And oh, yes, here's the complete volume 6!

And let's see, because we wanna spoil ya guys...In this chapter, an old friend returns and there's a mystery afoot! A new chapter of Robot Keiji!

Hang on till your hats for Wednesday, everyone...we may blow you away even more.

And please consider dropping a line to help with editing or translation!

Be-bop High School vol. 01 ch. 02

Look at those smiles people!!!
Time for another halirous chapter of Be-bop High School. Looks like Hiroshi and Toru have gotten into another pickle, looks like they will have to shave their heads if they cause trouble again. Thats enough to scare anyone into submission in highschool, but with Hiroshi and Toru that might not be the case, cause honestly I don't think those two and satying out of trouble, mix. Also this is the first chapter done by our new team of A1oner and MP44christos, and I think they did a pretty dang good job for their first chapter together. Enough out of me go enjoy this halirous comedy.

Also don't forget about Batsu & Teri
Batsu & Teri                                                       
Translator: needed                                                 
Cleaner: needed                                                             
Typesetter: needed                                                 
Proofreader: needed                                             

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Kuuki no Soko Chapter 10: The Cat's Blood


A story about humans and animals in wartime...

Ashita no Joe volume 12, part 2

Oh, look what's back.


Blazing Transfer Student vol. 5 ch. 42

The Dark Ibuki Rises! 

BTS ch. 42, well I would write a longer blog post, I am just too tired today sorry about that. I leave you with this, Matt Berry sketch. It explains the chapter pretty well if I do say so myself.

Also looking for staff for Batsu & Teri but at this point since other projects are getting started around here might not be a place for this anytime soon, but if your a translator please apply anyway, wouldn't mind having chapters translated ahead of time.

Batsu & Teri                                                       
Translator: needed                                                 
Cleaner: needed                                                             
Typesetter: needed                                                 
Proofreader: needed                                             

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blade of the Immortal, Chapter 204: Not Knowing Life, How Can One Know Death?

We're back with another stirring chapter of Blade of the Immortal now. The fight between Anotsu and Manji reaches its end, along with the Winter War. Nobody has survived unscathed, but Anotsu holds on to his dreams to the last moment...except he forgot something that Rin is going to remind him of. The Immortal Hundred Man Killer makes a final vow...and then the fire is extinguished. The finale of Rin's quest is here. Forgiveness and revenge come together one final time.

Blade of the Immortal, chapter 204: Not Knowing Life, How Can One Know Death?

Edit: replaced the double page on 201-202, and a big thanks to the help on that from Footnote

Scanlator note here...this is probably one of the finest examples of Hiroaki Samura's writing in the series. Some may remember earlier in the series when Anotsu scorns the very idea of leaving your ideals and dreams to your children, and to hear him speak differently here drives in how utterly broken he is by these events. One of the final scenes (You'll know it when you see it) is utterly poignant and told entirely without dialogue before the flashbacks, and Anotsu's changing facial expressions are incredible, saying more than dialogue ever could.

There's only two chapters left, so we wait for Other Side of Sky to deliver them....and then BOTI will be over at last, and then we're on to Other Side of Sky's next project...in fact, because I'm feeling like letting you guys in on it?

We're gonna be teaming up with an old friend here...Other Side of sky will be translating. We have the raws and are waiting for the ones past volume 2 to be scanned..

Getting ready, kids, because Shin Mazinger Zero is coming!

Now, please scroll down and remember we're trying to seek translators and more staff for new projects as well!

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Vagabond Chapter 311

Chapter 311

Musashi goes through another epiphany as our Vagabond Farmlnd Saga continues.

...don't eat earth, by the by. It never ends well.

Scroll down to see the new projects we're hoping to pick up and please consider signing on to our team!

Sabu and Ichi Chapter 35


With our friends at HnG, we bring you another fun filled Sabu and Ichi detective story! Now, Kazu's told you guys about some stuff we're expecting, so here's some more info....we've got some great new stuff, who've been doing amazing work on bringing in releases, but the more the merrier.

Here are some projects we're thinking of picking up that just need a translator. We're down for any Tezuka, Ishinomori or Nagai, so give a ring anytime on those! Aso, Ken Ishikawa...if anyone's interested that may help a certain someone come back very, very soon..

First is Sukeban Deka, here's the plot:
Saki Asamiya, after being incarcerated in a youth corrections facility, is recruited by a detective named Jin after convincing her that the government could provide clemency for her mother, who was on death row. He trains her to be an undercover youth detective, infiltrating several high schools in Japan to investigate cases of crime, corruption and terrorism in the legend of a high school student

This one is a REALLY famous classic with quite the following, so we'd love to bring it out in English.

Others we'd like to pick up:

Wolf Guy from the 70s and the 90s...some of you may know the recent manga Wolf Guy that was finished by Illuminati Manga and Wolfy Scans...these are manga based on the series of novels that originated them, and involve pretty awesome werewolf action.


Azumi, by Koyama Yuu. You may know his work from Ganbare Genki that's being scanlated by Project Bite Me. This is held as a seminal classic of Jidaigeki and Seinen in general.
Azumi is a manga series that concerns a young woman brought up as part of a team of assassins, charged with killing three warlords that threaten Feudal Japan with an agenda of war and bloodshed.

Azumi received an Excellence Prize at the 1997 Japan Media Arts Festival and the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1998. 
This is one of the titles we want to do most, if anyone is interested in translating, cleaning, typesetting or knows anyone who can aid on those, please let us know!
Thanks and enjoy something very special coming up soon!

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Desert Punk, Chapter 37


And we begin a new volume with the thanks to GWR and especially Goral of MiB who has made this work nigh on perfect.

hope everyone enjoys this excellent manga and please remember we're looking for translators for our new series, notably some old school shojo like Sukeban Deka below!

Be-bop High School vol. 01 ch. 01

As if we haven't been releasing enough series as of late!! Today we bring you one of the most influencial series in the deliquent genre, Be-bop High School!!  Following the misadventures to Hiroshi and Toru two delinquent's who let their dicks do the thinking and thats not even the really start cause of their problems. They also meet a whole cast of colorful characters and they will meet alot of them seening as this series is 48 vols!! While its not as action packed as others of the genre it keeps you reading due to its special brand of humor. Thanks goes out to Systematicchaos for picking up another series, Katatonia for his excellent proofing and knowing more slang then the slang dictonary, also to Mp44christos for beening the excellent cleaner he is, and to A1oner for joining as a typesetter and learning how to do so without me explaining next to nothing. This chapter I edited myself next chapter you'll get to meet our Be-bop team but I will still be Qcing as I can't help myself.

Also Animedestiny is looking for timers for Toriko so please think of joining them. Also about Way of Ryu translator is moving at the moment so he won't be back till May sorry about that things like this happen and all.

Batsu & Teri                                                       
Translator: needed                                                 
Cleaner: needed                                                             
Typesetter: needed                                                 
Proofreader: needed                                             

Unknown project 
Translator: needed  
Cleaner: needed
Typesetter: needed
Proofreader: needed

We also got another series in the works for you guys, a shojo called Sukeban Deka a series that wright has been talking about doing for a long time to me and hes got a team finally ready to do it all he needs is a translator. Never been a fan of shojo but wright loves it so be a pal and join up as a translator to help everyones favorite pal o' mine in bringing this series to you.  This and Be-bop will not slow down any other series as there being done by new teams. 

Sukeban Deka 
Translator: needed  
Cleaner: spot filled
Typesetter: spot filled
Proofreader: spot filled

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Blazing Transfer Student vol. 05 ch. 41

Time to kick off another vol of one of my personal favorite mangas, with Blazing Transfer Student. Ch.41

In this chapter its Takizawa vs. The Principal of Fittest Highschool. Just looking at the punishment Takizawa takes in this chapter almost made me get motion sick. Also lets not forget the upcoming  5 on 5 team battle. Who do you all think will be on the principal's team? and for Takizawa's for that matter. Well at least its not a battle against sparkley vampires and shirtless werewolves....

Also don't forget animedestiny is looking for timmers for Toriko and looking for help for the following series below. Really hope to get Batsu & Teri off the ground as fast aI got Be-Bop cause its a gem in the sports and delinquent genres and it has some amazing artwork for its time. What I need the most is a translator who likes both genres.

Batsu & Teri                                                       
Translator: needed                                                 
Cleaner: needed                                                             
Typesetter: needed                                                 
Proofreader: needed                                             

Unknown project 
Translator: needed  
Cleaner: needed
Typesetter: needed
Proofreader: needed

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Kuuki no Soko _ch06_Scales Cape

Tezuka in deep thought

Another short story from the collection kuuki no soko ch06 

This was a very thought provoking chapter for me, because this story's main character is Tezuka himself. The story begins with Tezuka arriving on a small island in the kii peninsula, from there Tezuka meets the locals in hopes to learn of any local legends of using so he can use it for a story. He learns of one particular legend the story of the Scales cape, a tale about a fishermen and how his young wife cheats on him with his servant, in a rage the fisherman tosses them both down the cave at the foot of the cape. Which a year later a boy casts a line into the cave in hopes of catching something and he does but something I would say is better seen then told. Tezuka later as he takes in the scenery hears the crys of a young boy. Tezuka finds out that the crying boy's friend has fallen into the cave and the town rushes to get him out. Tezuka lets the people of the town handle the problem. Tezuka then wanders the island a bit more and finds on the shore of the beach, a fish whose scales have all fallen off. Tezuka then gets the fish check and discovers a troubling problem with the sea sourrnding the island. The rest I will leave up to you guys to read. 

Why I enjoyed this story so much its something you really could believe Tezuka could have actually lived and experineced. The stories over tones really ring true to what tezuka was all about. The whole nothing is as it seems situation, how people find certain things, which are important yes but something much bigger  is there but everyone chooses to ignore it. Tezuka really shows how he feels about situations like that and how powerless he felt and how he thought with writing he would make a diffrence in the way people thought. Tezuka and writers like him really have had me thinking about my impact on this world and what I can do to change that. These are my thoughts really and I hope I enlightened you all. 

Also below is postions I hope to get filled soon and oh look Be-bop highschool we got a full staff!! so I give my thanks to A1oner and Mp44christos for joining. now all I need is a team for Batsu & Teri, soon enough the unknown project will be picked. Also we are hoping to find our friends at animedestiny find timmers for Toriko cause if we can do that we can have them help us translating something  pretty cool so says wright really so please join them and say happy scans sent ya! 

Batsu & Teri                                                      
Translator: needed                                                
Cleaner: needed                                                            
Typesetter: needed                                                
Proofreader: needed                                            

Be-bop Highschool
Translator: spot filled
Cleaner: spot filled
Typesetter: spot filled
Proofreader: spot filled  

Unknown project 
Translator: needed  
Cleaner: needed
Typesetter: needed
Proofreader: needed

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Robot Keiji Ch 04

Even Robots got to do taxes.

Robot Keiji is back and we wrap up the Stork murder story. Thanks to Sonickrazy as always for translating this Ishinmori classic, so in appreciation you should go check out his blog here. In this chapter we see K, using some his many gadgets to solve this chilling case and we even get some forshadowing to an enemy K will face in the coming chapters. Even after is all said and done the chapter ends bitter sweet for everyone in the story, Ishinmori showing that even when the case is closed, things don't go back magically to what they were before. Some may think that just because this is a series about a robot who solves crimes that it would be cheesy and just silly. Really its more then that, it plays out like a real detecitve story just with a robot as a main character. Ishinmoris hero's come off as silly and over the top but beyond the seemly silly concepts they are characters that are endearing showen by how people still read them to this day and what makes Ishinmori one of historys best. Also I love how even with all the future stuff in the series like K and his flying car the world still acts like it should. wonder if I should do more indeepth posts like this tell me if you like this in the comments.  chapter 04

On a side note I have talked about getting more staff around here and I am pretty serious about that. I know most people just want to be anyomous readers but if you really love the works we release please help us to bring them to you quicker. I feel if these old mangas don't get done in the near future they will be lost to the flow of time like many things as the manga industry is ever growing and more manga is beening circulated everyday. There are tons of Ishinmori projects I would love to just show people but I can't do that since its mainly just me, wright and a few others around here who help bring these works to you guys. Most of our projects are joints because of this and we do have a great history of partnerships though there have been times where we have been done dirty on certain partnerships. so all I can say is please join so we can bring many more works to people who have no axcess to them otherwise. All experince welcomed we can train people though I ain't the best teacher more of a learner then anything.

Below is projects I want to do but have no time for but if we get more staff they can be started and we can move things along and to why I put unknown project? Its an incentive I would say might do a first come first serve thing on that but unsure at the moment on it but if you bring forth a potencial project we will certainly enjoy around here then we are all for it and I will personally help find a translator forsaid though you will have to edit it and chances of me finding a translator are very small but I will try I usually come through in that aspect. so thats enough out of me go and read that Robot Keiji!!

Batsu & Teri                                                        
Translator: needed                                                  
Cleaner: needed                                                              
Typesetter: needed                                                  
Proofreader: needed                                              

Be-bop Highschool
Translator: spot filled
Cleaner: needed
Typesetter: needed
Proofreader: spot filled    

Unknown project 
Translator: needed  
Cleaner: needed
Typesetter: needed
Proofreader: needed

Edit: had to reup mistake on page 107 fixed now

Sabu and Ichi chapter 34


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Blazing Transfer Student vol. 04 ch. 40 & Complete Volume 4 and possible future plans

Its over!! yes the break up race is finally over who won? you may ask your guess is as good as mine so lets ask everyones favorite scheming cameraman Namekata, He won't do anything this time right? and thats not even the real kicker cause wait till you see the end of this vol.  
So heres 40, and heres vol 04 

On another note I been thinking of doing a few other projects but to do so we need a bigger staff here and I also want to create a subbing department which I will need help from people with experinece there. one manga project I want to do but don't have time for is Batsu & Teri, I for one love deliquent manga and sometimes the older the better and this one has all the quality's to be a great project for sports fans and for fans of deliquent manga. Another one is Be-bop High School though that one is a maybe unless I get a whole team to do that timely. For subbing I would love to do a sentai an older one like Denjiman or Dynaman me and wright here love sentai I would need a translator and a timmer for those as well as a QC/Editor. I love to bring manga to the english speaking world and the more the better but really I am getting a tad spread out project wise I do around 5 diffrent series otherwise I would do somethings myself though if I wasn't busy IRL I only got plans for a few more series then I am done so I want to build a team that can be around here even after I retired. Thats all out of me, so go enjoy that BTS!!

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3, Street of Mysteries story 4, and Blade of The Immortal 203: At the Contest of Great Wild Winds

Only Manji and Anotsu remain to face one another...and the fight we've waited 30 volumes for begins. Anotsu knows he deserves whatever happens, and has nothing more to live for. Still, he has no intent of offering his life without a fight. As for Manji...the opponent he's hungered for is right in front of him. Rin is left to witness the final battle...because no matter who strikes the final blow...no matter who wins...her journey is over. One way or the other.

Blade Of The Immortal, 203rd Chapter: At the Contest of Great, Wild Winds.

and more Mizuki fun for you! In this little....very...surreal chapter...we explore the consequences of immortality...and jerking off cats. Look, I didn't write it, ok?

And please consider helping us out as a translator or editor. We're on the lookout for both!

Street of Mysteries, Story 3

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Shutendoji Volume 1 and Vagabond 309 and 310

First of all...let's welcome back our old friend, Shutendoji after too long in limbo. The tale of Jiro Shutendo! A genius boy who's held to be a prodigy...in this volume, people ponder over how mysterious he is, and he meets a creepy teacher who invites him back to his house when nobody is around. This is probably the least unusual thing in a Nagai manga, to be fair. We also meet the Life-Bound, who are trash even by the standards Nagai sets for his villains.

A hell of a compelling story thus far, so please enjoy the return of the complete Shutendoji Volume 1
Thanks to Hokuto No Kun's Katatonia for the translation and Chaos for the checking, and Dynamic Pro for the work on the prologue

Now comes two new chapters of Vagabond, thanks to our pals at Guren, and our pal Mein Square for typesetting!



Kitaro the Graveyard, chapter 9


Aaaand Kitaro is back to messing with people again!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kuuki no Souko 5 and Ryu no Michi 14

Kuuki no Souko 5: Duel at the Grand Mesa

One old fashioned gun slinger Old West story with a nice twist!

Here's more Way of Ryu....enter the Tower of Harvest!

Way of Ryu 14

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kitaro, chapter 8,and Happy Chapter 155

First...it's our flagship with a new chapter! (And Umino and Choko yelling at eachother. Beautiful!)

Who could go for feeling Happy? Particularly Chapter 155 of Happy? We bet you could, guys. stay tuned for some Keaton whenever Illuminati wraps it up...and who knows?  Maybe some other Urasawa...of course, someone to help edit or translate those and other projects couldn't hurt.

And again, we have another Kitaro of the Graveyard with our pals at Hokuto no gun. The longest chapter yet in the volume where Kitaro is drawn to a village to rescue it from the vampire tree, which is sucking the life from people

...I'm also just convinced at this point Kitaro saves people to later prey on them himself because it's really the only way to explain the discrepancy between helpful Kitaro and psycho little bugger in previous chapters. Remember the Baseball game? Yeah, he was really gonna freaking kill them before the sun rose. Our hero.

Chapter 8

Takeda Shingen, chapter 1


With the end of Date Masamune on the horizon, we’re treating all you history buffs to another historical epic by Yokoyama! As you’ll probably be able to tell by reading this chapter, this series skips all of Shingen’s early life and gets right to his warmongering, political maneuvering, and philandering, so you don’t want to miss this! Special thanks to angel_of_chaotix for his proofreading, Systematic Chaos for translating, Ani_ for typesetting, and kazuhiko1412 for QC’ing!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Date Masamune 45 and Volume 3 and Alabaster volume 2

Date 45

Volume 3 complete

And the moment you've all been waiting for...

Alabaster volume 2 complete

Alabaster's plans come to a head and Rock is never far behind...Alabaster's twisted definition of beauty is challenged and Ami decides to pay for what she's done with all she has...

Truly a great manga and it's a shame Tezuka had so little faith in it.

Also, please make a Mediafire account using this link to help us with more space