Monday, March 4, 2013

Release 400: New Treasure Island, and special gift

This is it. One of the manga that started it all. The famous adventure story that practically kicked off the manga market. Our love for Tezuka is well documented and what makes him more incredible is that when he got started, there was no manga market. He traded a guaranteed career as a doctor for something that could easily have crashed and burned. This is a classic, and a piece of real manga history. Our group is dedicated to classics, so this seemed simply fitting...our 400th anniversary release bringing you the manga that helped start....well...Manga!

Included is the Tezuka Diary and I do not envy the translator. We should give our friend Hahhah42 a HUGE thanks for his amazing work on this manga and the Tezuka Diary at the back of it. the private thoughts and notes of Osamu Tezuka himself to teach you more than you ever wanted to know about the man's inspirations, and his own thoughts on his work and his craft.

We've hit 400 releases and we plan to keep going. I need to thank everyone who's helped us get this far. DynamicPro for being an amazing partner...Nethandle, my old partner in crime, wherever he is now. Everyone at Hokuto No Gun, but especially Katatonia and SystematicChaoss for being the best group partners we could ask for....Illuminati Manga for all their great work on Master Keaton and everything else they do....Ikkyu, AAA, CrazyAnkan and Goral over at GWR for their awesome work, CG for his great translations, OtherSideOfSky for being one of the best translator in the business. Holy hell, did we seriously finish Devilman Lady in less than 8 months together?  (And Blade of the Immortal 30 is coming! Other Side just needs to finish translating it and then it will be in your hands..

To Ani_ for signing on the team and his great work on Cobra, Takeru, Shin Violence Jack and Giant Robo. To Hox, for being one of the finest translators I've ever known and a great partner whose love for classic and obscure manga exceeds my own (and Alabaster is coming soon, guys!), Midnight Crew for their help with Ishinomori (We have the script for Kamen Rider Black 3, just wait for Kazu to do his thing when he can), to FKMTKrazy for doing reviving Robot Keiji for us and for some Death our own Stargood for being the man when it comes to Urasawa. You singlehandedly keep Happy! going, I hope you Gurotaku for having been insane enough to scan as many tens of thousands of pages of Nagai in the first place...and to my current partner in crime and scanlation, Kazuhiko. You are one of the best friends a guy could ask for, the best of partners and an amazing editor. We'd never have made it this far without you, man. To many more

And a shout out to you, our readers, for following us along and enjoying the classics and all the other stuff we do. Here's to 400 more

It's this time I'll mention we could use some help again...we have a lot of great series but we need translators and editors, especially typesetters. We'll be glad to teach you if you don't know, so please drop us a line, we could really use the aid.

Enjoy New Treasure Island, where it all began!!
(and yes, I know this is the Spanish cover, but it's the best quality one!)

New Treasure Island By Osamu Tezuka

And also one about a blind guy. Something or other. Here's Sabu 31!

And's a special one. this is done with Guren at Guren no heya kara.
Who deserves an enormous thanks for making this one possible (and Battle Angel: Last Order month after month!)

Vagabond chapter 305

You read that right. This one is worth buying (seriously, buy it), but since chapters stopped coming out, Crazyankan and Guren helped us get this to you. The raws aren't the best from the magazine, but this should sate Vagabond vans' appetites on what's been happening with Musashi, as he struggles to conquer nature and himself. If you haven't read Vagabond? Go buy the omnibus editions because it is one of the best manga ever made.

Enjoy, guys. Expect more of this soon and please consider joining the team!


  1. Thanks for Vagabond 305! But why did you skip 304?

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  3. thanks guys, you're awesome!

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  5. Thanks a lot, I was waiting for this for ages. At one point I even wanted to do it myself but translations weren't to be found.

  6. Thanks! This is awesome! And.. is funny: That cover image, is the one used in the spanish edition! now i regret not having purcahaed it at the time it was released here in Spain :(

    1. El tomo español todavía no está tan caro, se puede comprarlo por menos que 9 euros.

  7. 400 releases! Wow! Congratz HappyScans :D

    Vagabond!!!!!!! yeahhhhhh!! Thank you guys :)

  8. Thank you HappyScans for Vagabond! I broke down in tears from happiness. I hope you'll continue.

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  10. I am happy to help you guys :)

    Expect more Vagabond chapters really soon!


  11. Congrats!

    And thanks for that Tezuka oldie-goldie!

  12. Thanks, guys, this is a awesome release!

    PS: I almost lost the Sabu and Ichi chapter, good think I reread the whole thing!

  13. Thank you very much for taking up Vagabond, have been looking out for new translated scans for ages. Please keep up the hard work, this is a master piece worth the effort.

  14. A question for you: can I use your versione of New Treasure Island e translate it in italian? Of course, I'll credit you and all.

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