Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Tezuka and Mizuki: Kuuki no Souki and 3, Street of Mysteries

Few little side projects we've been working know about our love for short stories after all. Both graciously translated by Hahhah42

The first is Kuuki no Soko by Osamu Tezuka himself. It's a book of short stories by him, and the first story was published in Clockwork Apple by the sadly now defunct TwoPioneers. Here is a link to the first story from Two Pioneers:

The first story we're doing is called "Joe's Visitor", concerning a racist soldier, saved from death by the transplant of a dead black soldier's organs into his body. The only ones who know are the dead man's family, and so the soldier goes to silence them forever....

Tezuka never shied away from weighty subjects. Racism is no exception.

Here is Joe's Visitor

Second is our beloved friend Shigeru Mizuki, the man behind Gegege No Kitaro. Mizuki sure loves his creepy ghost stories, and supernatural tales. In the first story in 3, Street of Mystery? A man takes a most unusual taxi ride one night...into another reality.

Street of Mystery, chapter 1


  1. Omg!!! You're on fire!!!!!!!! Thanks :D

  2. people you are a bunch of monster how do you manage to release so many stuff, this is madness! im so happy.

  3. Nice addition ! Congrats. I've read those in french, and they're excellent.

  4. Although not translated into English, Kuuki no Soko has been translated into French and Spanish, respecively.

    H. Sweden

  5. Joe's Visitor is interesting. An American would have made the end of the story that O'Hara has black ancestors -- thus obviating racism. But the blood transfusion theme reinforces the idea of pure blood, which sort of reinforces the "one drop rule", which sort of vindicates O'Hara, lol.