Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blade of the Immortal, Chapter 202, and Desert Punk chapters 35-36 and Volume 6, and Sabu and Ichi cha[ter 33

The ghosts prepare for one final battle to see who can lay the other to rest first. Itto-Ryu and Mugai-Ryu are both gone, with only their leaders remaining. With Habaki and all comes down to one single stroke...

And after...Manji has a job to do. One final battle remains.

Blade of the Immortal Chapter 202: The Sword Of Regret

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And here's Desert Punk



volume 6 complete

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And heres Sabu and Ichi 33


  1. thank you very much !

  2. Made a mediafire account w/ your link. Yosh!

  3. Just made an account with your link! Thank youuuuu for Desert Punk + Blade *________*

  4. There it is.

    There's that inevitable deathwish, Anotsu.

    God damn it, BotI. Stop toying with my feelings. If not for the uplifting cover, I'd be afraid of SUFFERING for everyone, including Rin and Manji.

  5. Thanks for Sabu and Ichi, I was missing the Ishinomori releases.

  6. Here we go. 5 more chapters to go of blade.... I belieeeve in you!

  7. Anyone knows the significance of Habaki's last words?

    1. His family. Shima and Sakutaro were his wife and son (who killed themselves to prevent Ugen Hanabusa from taking them as hostages).

      Kyo was his lover years prior, and Ryo's deceased mother.

  8. Thanks for another Sabu & Ichi. This last episode i must say i fnd it... deep. very deep in political issues.

  9. Wow, great Sabu & Ichi chapter this week!