Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alabaster volume 1 with Hox

Hey, who remembrs this?! Well, after an absence, we bring you, with Hox, the full first volume of Alabaster! The evil Alabaster out to destroy all the beauty of the world and the reappearance of Rock Holmes, everyone's favorite pure evil FBI Agent! Fantastic writing, and unusually dark for the father of manga, don't miss Alabaster!

And please, looking or translators, quality checkers and especially editors! Help would be really appreciated, especially for things like Vagabond now. We'd love to have you!

Alabaster Volume 1


  1. So many releases in a row,... thanks!

  2. FFFFFFFFF!..... So much goodness. Two Tezuka releases in the 2 days since I last visited. You have made my day :3

  3. i was missing this see through guy.
    you guys are indeed an example of awesomeness.

  4. you guys are the absolute best of ALL time!!! first new treasure island and now this - two of tezuka-sama's missing works (in english translation) i've been dying to read for an eternity..........lovely!

  5. Thank you for prividing us with more Tezuka and new Vagabond chapters!

  6. There is something weird... When I go to the mediafire page and click on the download link, it takes me to this URL :

    And basically, nothing happens.

    I managed to download volume 2 without any problem, but this one doesn't seem to work. Am I the only who gets this ?