Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Way Of Ryu, chapter 8

chapter 8

Team Ryu finds an interesting remnant of civilization...and then perhaps more than a remnant..

Also, that is the best drawn bat I have ever seen in a manga

And thanks to Frobman for this great art on our credits page!

I'm informed translation of Keiji has begun. Won't be long now!

20 days till the final Blade of the Immortal volume is out in Japan


  1. Woah, thanks! Lately you're on fire! . From a Ishinomori's lover from Spain thanks! ;)

    1. Out of curiosity, have you read Ishinomori's Hokusai? And if so, would you say it's worth some $45, including the shipping costs?

    2. It is worth. Very, very worth. A good story about a master artist by another mster. Plus, is a hardcover (that mkes a bit expensive, yes). Btw, the publisher himself seems to be a Shotaro's fan. So, i don't lose hope of seeing more works of him published here

  2. Stick around, we ain't done yet!

  3. Great work, guys. I hope we'll have Ryu at least once a week.