Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Way Of Ryu, chapter 10


And so brings volume 1 to a close, full volume link to follow shortly. In the unknown, Ryu, Maria, Jimmy and Peki encounter more perils and what may in fact be human beings at last, but is all as it seems?

It's been a true pleasure to be able to get these out to you. Chapter 10 carries over into volume 2 which you should see very shortly.


  1. No, isn't, if not, where's the adventure' ;)

  2. I almost can't follow you guys anymore... And this great! There's always something new to read

  3. I really appreciate your work. I'm Jacopo, italian, and here in my country the manga publication of the "Way of Ryu" has been suspended after only one volume. Now italian fans of ishinomori have, thanks to you, the opportunity to finish to read this masterpiece. After Way of Ryu are you thinking of translating the whole trilogy? After that there are "Ryu the Primitive Boy" and "World of Ryu", all in continuity :)

    1. That is the general plan were trying to pump through Way of ryu as quickly as possible but only time will tell about how fast we get it out

  4. You guys are awesome for doing all these classics.