Friday, February 22, 2013

Showcasing Jetman: Time Flies

Now, not a Happy Scans release, though it's a manga Kazu and I have worked on as we really love Super Sentai. some of you may know the classic Jetman sentai. This manga is a sequel, set five years later, when peace has come to earth, though it may not last long...

Very well written by the creators of the original, with solid art and action. This is a release by Grown Ups In Spandex  And can be found there. Kazu and I are proud to have helped bring it to you and personally, I feel it's some of Kazu's best work.

Enjoy everyone, and check out GUIS's sub work. Watch for Kamen Rider Black and others before too long. BOTI is in translation now, so we're waiting on Other Side to finish the volume And don't forget we really could use translators and editors.


  1. Really? I was almost giving up on Kamen Rider Black. I asked several times about it on the MCS website but they never answered me. Good to know.

    What's BOTI, btw?

  2. God to know bout Black! :D I'll wait, then. About the Jetman manga... i've listen many things, but i wanted tom read by muyself to have a proper opinion

  3. I was curious about this Jetman manga, but it's too bad these guys use packupload - I'm not giving away my phone number to some website just to have access to their DDL service.

    1. I just tried their packupload link, and it worked fine, without requesting any information whatsoever. But even if the DDL link required a phone number to work, you do realize that they have well-seeded torrents available as well, don't you?

  4. Anonymous: BOTI = Blade of the immortal(Mugen no Juunin)

    It's the final volume!