Saturday, February 9, 2013

Giant Robo, Volume 1

Some of you may remember the epic, stellar Giant Robo OVA series, directed by the great Yasuhiro Imagawa. Truly a masterpiece. Here, however, we present you the original manga it was based on, another Sci Fi classic by our man, Mitsuteru Yokoyama.  A more...uplifting story than Mars, to be certain. Featuring the heroes controlling Giant Robo against the world-domination plotting group Big Fire.

Thanks to our friends at Dynamic Pro for scanning this beast and Chaos for his epic translation work. And a big thanks to our man Ani_ for his great typesetting, and Kazu for his QC job. Hope to have volume 2 out before long!


  1. The entire volume! guys, you rock!

  2. Thanks, guys! This is awesome!!
    I always wanted to read something like this, from Yokoyama early works. I know Tetsujin is too complicated since it's a very long series. But this is just perfect.

    I love Mitsuteru Yokoyama

  3. Awesome! Mitsuteru Yokoyama has been on my mind a lot recently. We got the 50th anniversary of the Tetsujin anime later this year, I just did another watch through of the Giant Robo OVA now that Blu-Ray rips are out there and the Americanized version of the Giant Robo toku (Johnny Sokko) is coming out on R1 DVD soon (debating on whether to get that or not..). So the timing on this is PERFECT.